It is a common misconception that bikers assume all the risk when they get on their motorcycle. Drivers of passenger cars often fail to give motorcyclists the full respect they deserve on the road.

However, bikers have the same rights and obligations under the law as all other motorists. A Denver motorcycle accident lawyer is here to ensure that people who suffer injuries while riding their bikes can obtain compensation for their injuries. If you were injured by a negligent driver or another party while riding, a seasoned personal injury attorney could help you start a claim.

Who Carries the Blame in a Motorcycle Crash?

The law provides equal protection to all people on the road, no matter the type of vehicle they are driving. This means that all drivers have a duty to watch out for the well-being of everyone else they may encounter on the road. This involves driving responsibly and safely.

When someone fails in this duty and causes a wreck, they are legally responsible for paying for any damages that may occur. The most common means for a plaintiff to collect these damages is by claiming that the defendant was negligent. The most direct way to show fault for a motorcycle crash is to demonstrate that another driver’s failure to follow a traffic law led to a collision. This may include proof of a citation for drunk driving, texting while behind the wheel, or failing to stop at a red light.

Other cases are not so straightforward. It may not be immediately apparent that a defendant driver violated a traffic law leading up to the collision. Colorado Revised Statute § 13-21-111 requires courts to evaluate the actions of all parties involved in a crash and assign blame accordingly. This means that a defendant could allege that a biker was following too closely in traffic or that an injured person did not take proper steps to protect themselves. A skilled attorney in Denver is ready to obtain the evidence needed to show that another driver was solely to blame for a motorcycle crash and defeat any allegations of shared blame.

Examples of Motorcycle Wreck Losses

A motorcycle collision can impact your physical, economic, or mental well-being. People generally assume they will only receive compensation for direct costs, such as an ambulance trip or emergency room visit. However, the entire purpose of a civil lawsuit is to make you whole again. In other words, a claim should put you in the same position as if the accident never happened.

In many circumstances, a damages award could include compensation for economic hardship as well as mental anguish. Common examples of these losses include:

  • Loss of income from missed time on the job
  • Reduction in consortium with a spouse
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • General pain and suffering from the ordeal

A knowledgeable lawyer in Denver could evaluate a case and help pursue comprehensive compensation after a motorcycle wreck.

Reach Out to a Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorney Now

A motorcycle accident can be a physically and mentally scarring experience. In addition to any physical injuries, you may be facing months or years of mental trauma resulting from another driver’s carelessness. A legal representative understands the ramifications that a collision has on a biker.

Roberts Markland LLP works with individuals and their families to fully comprehend how an accident has changed their lives. We are prepared to fight for the compensation you need to move forward from your injury. Take a step toward holding negligent drivers responsible for their actions by contacting a Denver motorcycle accident lawyer today.