Boats provide people a way to relax and cruise the water. However, operating a boat always comes with responsibilities. State law requires all boaters to follow the rules of the water, carry proper safety equipment, and keep aware of their surroundings. Failure to take these steps can lead to boat collisions. The resulting accidents could result in severe injuries to passengers, other boaters, swimmers, or people on docks.

People who have suffered harm in these incidents have legal rights. Roberts Markland LLP personal injury attorneys could review your case and explain your options. A Denver boat accident lawyer is here to help you pursue an injury claim against negligent operators and recover compensation for your losses.

Ways that Boaters may be Negligent

Boating on any Denver area waterway involves many of the same legal obligations as driving a car. In general terms, this is an obligation to keep other people safe and not place them at unnecessary risk of harm. Specifically, boaters must follow all navigational buoys, have proper running lights, and remain sober while at the controls.

Demonstrating a defendant’s failure to follow these rules is the core of an injury claim based on recklessness. A plaintiff always has the burden of proving the defendant’s negligence and showing that they were not negligent themselves. Colorado Revised Statute § 13-21-111 requires courts to examine boat accident claims using the modified comparative negligence method. As a result, plaintiffs must prove a defendant was reckless and justify their own actions to prevent a reduced award. A boat crash attorney in Denver could help injured people gather the evidence needed to demonstrate defendant negligence and protect their claims against allegations of shared blame.

Injuries and Losses Common in Boating Accidents

Boating incidents have the potential to change a person’s life forever. Collisions with boats could break bones, separate joints, and cause severe cuts. On top of this, an accident happening on the water could expose people to the danger of drowning. A claim for damages following a boat accident will always demand payments for all medical costs associated with the incident.

However, the influence of a boat wreck often stretches far beyond the need for medical care. Many people find that they must miss time at work to seek medical treatment, and some suffer from severe injuries that permanently affect their employability. These people could demand reimbursement for any lost earnings.

Finally, a physical injury often affects a person mentally. An individual could receive payments for pain and suffering, emotional trauma, or PTSD connected to an incident. Therefore, a claim for damages should examine the full impact of a crash on a person’s life and demand appropriate reimbursement. A boat collision lawyer in Denver could help measure those losses and prepare a claim for comprehensive compensation.

Reach Out to a Denver Boat Accident Attorney Immediately

Pursuing a claim for compensation following an injury is never a simple matter. Plaintiffs will need to gather evidence that proves a defendant’s fault while protecting their cases against allegations of contributory negligence.

The fact that a wreck took place on the water only complicates matters. Some defendants may not have insurance, and a legal case could quickly become a burden on your life. A Denver boat accident lawyer is here to help. Roberts Markland LLP could take care of all the legal details in protecting your rights and demanding appropriate payments for your losses. These can often include payments for medical bills, lost wages, and emotional trauma. Contact a legal representative today to let them get to work for you.