For over 100 years, the oil and gas industry has been a major employer in the state. However, every stage involved in extracting this valuable substance from the ground comes with acute dangers. This includes the possibility of an oil rig exploding and causing severe injuries or death. People who suffer harm in these incidents must be prepared to explore their legal options as a means to collect compensation for their losses.
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A Houston oil rig explosions lawyer is ready to fight for you. Our knowledgeable attorneys at Roberts Markland LLP could investigate the cause of the explosion and evaluate how it has impacted your life. We could then work to hold every negligent party responsible to demand the compensation that you and your family deserve.

Oil Rig Explosions and Workers’ Compensation Claims

The vast majority of people who suffer an injury due to an oil rig explosion are employees of an oil company. This means that they may be able to collect benefits through a workers’ compensation claim. These claims do not require a person to prove that it was an employer’s negligence that caused an injury. Instead, they need to demonstrate that an injury was the product of doing their job.

A Houston attorney could help to pursue cases when an insurance company has denied a workers’ compensation claim after an employee suffers harm in an oil rig explosion. This includes connecting their injury to the workplace accident and demanding that insurance companies pay for medical care and provide fair financial compensation.

Explosions that Lead to Personal Injury Lawsuits

Texas does not require employers to obtain workers’ compensation insurance. As a result, employees in Houston who suffer injuries due to oil rig explosions may need to sue their employers for compensation with the help of an experienced lawyer. These lawsuits can demand payments for medical bills, lost wages, and emotional traumas. However, remember that Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 16.003 creates a time limit of as short as two years after an injury to demand payment following a personal injury.

If the incident occurs on an offshore oil rig, the means to recover compensation may change. The federal Jones Act governs workplace injuries that affect people in the maritime trades. People who suffer injuries while on boats moving to oil rigs or when the rig itself is unsound and causes harm may have the ability to hold their employers liable through a personal injury case in a federal court.

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People may suffer a variety of injuries that result from oil rig explosions. These may impact their physical health, emotional well-being, and ability to earn a living. Depending upon the exact facts of the incident, you may need to pursue compensation through a workers’ compensation claim or a personal injury lawsuit. In both situations, a Houston oil rig explosions lawyer may be able to help.

If you have received a denial after submitting a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, our team at Roberts Markland LLP could help gather evidence concerning the incident to appeal a denial or push for more substantial cash benefits. If your employer opted out of coverage or the incident happened at sea, you may need to demand compensation through a more traditional personal injury lawsuit. Contact our firm now to explore your options.