Every day, countless people will take commercial flights. Flying is significantly safer than driving, and passengers and crew alike should be able to take comfort in that fact.

Even so, accidents occur in the air or on the ground. An incident may result from falling baggage, heavy turbulence, or even mechanical failures that cause emergencies, affecting passengers and crew alike. If these injuries result from an airline’s negligence or a manufacturing error, you have the right to seek compensation for your losses. A Denver aviation accident lawyer is ready to explain your rights and pursue your case. Reach out to a personal injury attorney at Roberts Markland LLP to get started.

Protecting the Rights of Aviation Workers who Suffer Injuries

The aviation industry provides a solid living to people working in airports and up in the skies. Pilots, flight attendants, baggage handlers, and maintenance crews enjoy protection under the law through workers’ compensation insurance policies. These policies provide compensation in the form of health care and partial wage reimbursement after a workplace injury.

However, these payments are often insufficient to cover the full extent of an employee’s losses. An injured person may experience significant emotional trauma that devastates their quality of life, and workers’ compensation rarely covers a person’s total lost wages. In situations where an injury resulted from an airline’s gross negligence in maintaining an aircraft or a manufacturer’s negligence in producing a defective part, an injury lawsuit may be appropriate. A seasoned aviation injury attorney in Denver could help affected workers pursue the compensation they deserve.

Injuries May Also Affect Passengers on Flights

Airlines have an absolute duty to protect the passengers on their planes. They have this duty because the law classifies them as common carriers due to the exchange of a fare for transportation. As a result, airlines must take all appropriate steps to protect guests from harm. Sadly, failures to provide this protection are common. Passengers may suffer injuries as the result of:

  • Baggage falling from overhead bins
  • Turbulence causing falls in aisles or hitting heads on windows or bulkheads
  • Mechanical failures that result in crashes or rough landings

In each of these examples, an injured passenger must prove that an airline did not take appropriate action to keep them safe. They must also connect their subsequent physical injuries, emotional traumas, and economic losses to the incident. Finally, they must pursue their cases within the appropriate statute of limitations. Colorado Revised Statute § 13-80-102 places a time limit of two years from the date of an incident for people to file a claim seeking payment. However, this time limit may change based on which state has jurisdiction over the matter. Contacting a lawyer in Denver helps ensure that this time limit does not negatively affect your aviation accident case.

Speak with a Denver Aviation Accident Attorney Today

People riding on airplanes or working in the airline industry have rights under the law. Among these is the right to seek compensation after suffering harm while performing job duties or traveling. The exact steps a person must take will vary based on their status as a worker or traveler.

A Denver aviation accident lawyer is ready to fight for you. Whether this involves pursuing an appeal after a workers’ compensation denial, filing supplementary injury claims after examples of gross employer negligence, or representing the rights of injured passengers, our legal team is ready to do what is necessary to pursue the compensation you deserve. Reach out to Roberts Markland LLP now to schedule your consultation.