When using any kind of consumer product, a customer should feel confident that the item will function as intended. This means that if a consumer follows provided instructions for safe use and uses the product in a foreseeable way, they should not suffer any harm. This core concept forms the basis for all product liability lawsuits in Denver.

Sadly, failures on the part of manufacturers to meet this standard are common. Errors could occur during the design or manufacturing process that result in an unsafe product, or a company may simply fail to provide proper instructions for safe use. Failure in any of these ways may mean that the manufacturer is liable for your losses. A knowledgeable Denver product liability lawyer could provide more information about your rights as a consumer. Contact one of the seasoned personal injury attorneys at Roberts Markland LLP for your case review.

Defining Strict Liability

Under Colorado state law, the makers of products have an obligation to protect their customers from foreseeable harm. This duty is absolute, and as a result, the maker of a product is liable for any injury that results from a product’s failure— even if there is no proof of a maker’s intent to cause harm. This concept is the definition of strict liability.

Strict liability cases can move forward under three theories. A Denver product liability attorney could help to choose the option that best fits the facts of a particular individual situation. These theories include:

  • Design defects: A maker is strictly liable for an injury that results from improper designs that make a product more likely to cause harm to users.
  • Manufacturing defects: A maker is liable for errors that occur while making the product. This often is the result of a machining error or products that escape quality control.
  • Failures to warn: The makers of products must provide customers with instructions for safe use. This includes not just providing step-by-step information about proper use, but also including warnings about potential hazards that may result from using the item.

A Denver defective products lawyer is ready to perform a full investigation into the reasons for an item’s failure. Once retained, they could then work to choose the legal theory that gives a plaintiff the best chance at a positive case result.

Seeking Fair Compensation Following a Defective Product Injury

Demonstrating that the maker of a product was liable for allowing an injury to occur is only one part of a successful case. People seeking compensation for their losses must also be able to show how that event has impacted their life. In addition, Colorado Revised Statute § 13-80-106 gives most people no more than two years from the date of an injury to accomplish this goal.

A committed product liability attorney in Denver could help measure the impact of these incidents on a person’s life. This can include the bills associated with the medical care needed to treat an injury. It may also involve evaluating the impact of the event on an individual’s mental health and quality of life. Finally, if the incident resulted in lost wages due to being unable to return to work or significant property damage, this financial harm is another potential reason to seek comprehensive compensation.

Contact a Denver Product Liability Attorney Now

The makers of consumer products have an obligation to keep their customers safe. This includes items that a person may use in their final form, as well as components that may go into larger machines or vehicles. Under Colorado state law, the makers of these products that allow an injury to occur due to a design defect, manufacturing error, or failure to provide instructions for safe use are strictly liable for any subsequent damage.

A Denver product liability lawyer is prepared to assist you in pursuing a case for appropriate monetary damages. This includes investigating the cause of an injury, determining how a maker failed to keep you safe, and connecting your losses to that maker allowing a dangerous product to be on the market. Reach out to a skilled legal professional at Roberts Markland LLP now to get started.