Even if you act responsibly and attentively while riding your bike, you may still be at risk of sustaining a severe injury if another person fails to exercise the same caution. A reckless motor vehicle driver, a careless municipal authority, or even a negligent bicycle manufacturer could cause a wreck that leaves you with tremendous physical, financial, and personal losses.

Situations like this often justify filing a civil lawsuit for substantial compensation. Fortunately, our seasoned personal injury attorneys at Roberts Markland LLP could assist with the process. If you were hurt in a crash caused by another person’s misconduct, a Denver bicycle accident lawyer could assess your legal options and build a powerful case on your behalf.

Recovering for All Available Damages

Anyone who causes harm to another individual by violating a duty of care to the injured party may be considered legally negligent. Establishing this negligence is the foundation of most successful bike crash cases. Whether a named defendant’s actions were unintentional or overtly illegal does not matter when it comes to holding them financially accountable for an accident.

Compensable damages after bicycle accidents can vary significantly depending on how serious a plaintiff’s injuries are and how long that harm will continue to affect their lives. Losses that are commonly factored into claims of this nature include:

  • Emergency medical bills
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Lost income or working capacity
  • Bike repair or replacement expenses
  • Cost of future medical and rehabilitation care
  • Emotional distress, including psychological trauma like PTSD
  • Lost enjoyment of life and other effects of permanent disfigurement or disability

However, it is essential to note that state law limits how much total compensation an individual plaintiff can recover for non-economic harm like pain and suffering. As of January 1, 2022, Colorado Revised Statute § 13-21-102.5 sets a limit of $642,180 for most cases and $1,284,370 if the plaintiff provides clear and convincing evidence that justifies the higher amount. A diligent attorney in Denver could evaluate your bike crash claim to determine the losses you suffered and demand the payment you need to get quality medical care.

What Time Limits Apply to Bike Crash Claims?

For an injured person to obtain compensation for their injuries, they must begin pursuing litigation within a specific time frame, which varies depending on the circumstances. This concept is known as the statute of limitations. For example, under C.R.S. § 13-80-101(1)(n), if a bike rider gets injured due to negligence by a motor vehicle driver, the injured individual must file suit within three years of the incident.

However, if a bicyclist sustains injuries in a collision that does not involve a motor vehicle, the deadline is two years after the incident in accordance with C.R.S. § 13-80-102(1)(a). Regardless of what deadlines apply to a bicycle collision claim, a skilled lawyer in Denver could help build a comprehensive case that complies with filing requirements.

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Bike crashes can cause severe harm and debilitating injuries even if no one else is involved. However, if someone else’s carelessness caused you to wreck while riding your bicycle, demanding fair financial compensation from them could be vital to overcoming the devastating consequences of your injuries.

A tenacious Denver bicycle accident lawyer could be your ally throughout the complex legal process. Call Roberts Markland LLP today to get started on your claim.