$4 Million Won Against United Airlines

“United never fully acknowledged my injuries until I hired Roberts Markland.” -Erica Fulton

Erica Fulton was boarding a flight in Houston for her son’s 30th birthday. Fulton is disabled and uses a wheelchair for mobility. As the airline employees assisted Erica out of her chair and into her seat in first-class, she was dropped, injuring her shoulder. In addition, her wheelchair was also dropped and damaged by baggage claim. Erica notified United Airlines of the injury incident no more than 30 minutes after airline employees dropped her, but United refused to acknowledge her injuries and acted like it never happened.

On the path to a multi-million dollar verdict, our talented attorney Sean Roberts represented Erica in the case and argued that United never cared to investigate the incident. United claimed Erica did not notify them of the incident until six weeks after, but internal call log reports detail otherwise. As a result, United lost this case, affirmed by the Federal Appeal Court 5th Circuit jury with a unanimous decision. “The way United painted their first-class passenger as a malingerer and a liar, I’m not surprised with how the jury reacted to that,” Roberts said.

Results of the case awarded Erica Fulton nearly $4 million dollars, making this case the largest personal injury verdict for an upper extremity injury in the history of the state of Texas. We are proud that our attorneys at Roberts Markland provide results that speak for themselves. Furthermore, our clients’ testimonials demonstrate our top-rated customer service, devotion, and the ultimate success we bring to those who have been wrongfully harmed. 

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