It is not surprising that medications are frequently recalled, given the number that are developed and released yearly. However, no matter how often these products are taken off the shelves, massive pharmaceutical companies releasing dangerous drugs should be held responsible when consumers suffer preventable harm from using harmful medications.

If a defective consumer medication caused you to suffer from physical injury or illness, you may be eligible to pursue litigation against the product’s manufacturer with the help of a skilled personal injury attorney. To obtain a favorable case result, it is crucial to speak with a Denver dangerous drugs lawyer with experience handling cases like yours.

Possible Grounds for Dangerous Drug Litigation in Denver

Like other production companies, manufacturers of over-the-counter and prescription medications must test their products before putting them on the market and risking their customer’s safety. Likewise, these companies have a duty to inform physicians and prospective patients about all known effects each medicine might have.

Unfortunately, the for-profit corporations that produce these products often prioritize making money over consumer safety, leading to unreasonably dangerous product sales. Common ways that hazardous drugs end up on store shelves or prescribed by doctors include:

  • Failure to perform sufficient testing to find all possible side effects and contraindications
  • Deliberate failure to disclose known side effects
  • Contamination during the manufacturing process
  • Advertising a drug for use outside of its intended or FDA-approved functions
  • Using an unnecessarily dangerous formula or design when a safer and equally effective was available at no additional cost

A skilled local attorney could review a specific case detail during a private consultation and offer guidance about whether litigation might be possible.

Recovering Compensation for a Plaintiff’s Losses

A drug company that knowingly or unknowingly sells a defective medication that harms a consumer could be held liable for economic damages like medical expenses and non-economic forms of “pain and suffering.” However, because the companies that make most medicines are giant multinational corporations with their own legal teams on retainer, achieving a positive result from civil litigation can be virtually impossible for a single plaintiff to accomplish alone.

Because of this, the best way to demand restitution for harm caused by a defective drug is generally to start or join class action litigation with other people injured in roughly the same way by the same dangerous medication. A harmful drugs lawyer in Denver could provide vital guidance every step of the way through this process and ensure compensable damages are valued appropriately.

Contact a Denver Dangerous Drugs Attorney for Help

Everyone depends on at least one medication throughout their lifetime to manage a chronic health condition or address short-term sicknesses. In most cases, these medicines serve their intended purposes without any significant issues. However, when an unreasonably dangerous drug hits the market, it can cause immense harm to hundreds or even thousands of people simultaneously—all of whom might have grounds to pursue civil recovery from the company responsible for hurting them.

Working with a seasoned Denver dangerous drugs lawyer can be vital to achieving the best possible resolution to a lawsuit or settlement demand of this nature. Call today to set up a private meeting and get started on your claim for damages.