$81 Million Verdict in Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Former Deputy U.S. Marshal

“The jury accepted its responsibility to not only compensate this grieving family but to also send a message to Texas drivers who choose to drive home drunk…” -Clive Markland

23-year-old Taylor McCowan was the victim in a drunk driving collision in connection with former U.S. Marshal Johnathan Paul Jones, in Bexar County, Texas. A Roberts Markland team made up of Clive Markland, Nathan Mays, and Rob Cantu represented the parents of the deceased – Raquel Hatch and James McCowan – against Jones in this wrongful death lawsuit.

On January 31, 2020, Jones allegedly left a local San Antonio bar, The Block, intoxicated. While leaving the bar, Jones entered the N. Loop 1604 exit ramp (driving in the wrong direction) and collided head-on with Taylor McCowan, who was headed home from bible study. McCowan sustained head and neck injuries that resulted in her living in a coma for two weeks, before succumbing to her injuries.

During the trial, the jury heard evidence that Jones failed to render any medical assistance to a still-conscious McCowan who had been trapped in her vehicle for 40 minutes until Life Flight arrived on the scene. The former U.S. Marshal tested twice the legal alcohol limit in Texas. Jones is currently serving an 11-year sentence after being convicted by a Bexar County jury on manslaughter charges.

The Roberts Markland team presented a strong case in the wrongful death lawsuit against Jones and was able to return an $81,720,000 verdict against the former Deputy U.S. Marshal.

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