Kids are among the most exposed people in the community. As parents, we do all we can to protect our kids from harm and protect them against potential injury. But sadly, despite our best efforts, children often suffer injuries. Much like adults, children have the right to seek compensation for their losses after a personal injury, including reimbursement for medical care, lost educational opportunities, and loss of enjoyment of life.

A Denver child injury lawyer may be able to help when your kids suffer injuries because of the poor choices of others. Additionally, a dedicated attorney at Roberts Markland LLP could work to protect your child’s legal rights, investigate the cause of their injuries, evaluate the impact of the incident on their lives, and demand proper compensation on their behalf.

 How do Children Suffer Personal Injuries?

Children are just as vulnerable to injuries as adults. For example, adolescents ride in the same cars, shop in the same grocery stores, and use the same consumer products as their parents and other adults. Therefore, children may suffer injuries in car accidents, slips and falls, or from defective products.

The primary goal of a skilled juvenile injury attorney in Denver is to connect a child’s injuries to the actions of another party. Connecting injuries could include:

  • Proving negligence for a car accident
  • Demonstrating that a store owner failed to clean their floors
  • Showing that a manufacturer developed a faulty product

A legal team member could take the lead in gathering evidence, explaining the law, and building potent cases against liable defendants

Protecting the Rights of Children After Injuries

Because children are minors under the law, they cannot pursue an insurance settlement or civil claim independently. Instead, parents have the sole right to file these cases for their injured children. Unfortunately, this can create conflicts of interest between children and their parents.

As a result, state law says that a judge must approve any settlement that offers compensation to a child to ensure that the proposed terms are in the adolescent’s best interest. Additionally, the court will assign a Guardian ad litem to protect the rights of the juvenile. Usually, this is a formality, but a legal representative could submit proposed settlement paperwork to the relevant court.

Another common topic that arises in child injury cases is the concept of the statute of limitations, which is a legal limit that determines how long a person has to demand compensation after an injury. Because many children cannot describe their injuries or losses properly, there may be significant delays in seeking payments.

According to Colorado Revised Statute § 13-80-102, most individuals have two years to come forward. However, this limit can extend to three years for car crash cases. Reaching out to a hardworking lawyer in Denver as soon as possible could increase a parent’s chances of a successful claim for their child.

Reach Out to a Child Injury Attorney in Denver for Help

Children who suffer injuries because of the actions of other people or companies have the right to seek payments for their losses. However, they must exercise these rights through their parents or guardians. In addition, state courts must evaluate the legality of any proposed settlement for compensation.

A Denver child injury lawyer could help parents pursue the compensation that their children deserve. Contact a knowledgeable attorney today to learn more about filing a claim.