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McCowan Family Vs Former U.S. Marshal
$81 Million
McCowan V. Former U.S. Marshal
$81M verdict in wrongful death lawsuit against former Deputy U.S. Marshal Johnathan Paul Jones who collided head-on with 23-year old McCowan, while driving intoxicated down the wrong way of the highway.
$18 Million
Enventure v. Mohawk
Trial resulting in an $18M judgment and permanent injunction against Defendant.
$17 Million
$17M trucking accident resulting in paraplegia.
$12 Million
$12M settlement in real family estate dispute.
$5 Million
$5M settlement in boating accident resulting in permanent back injuries.
$4.5 Million
$4.5M settlement in workplace forklift accident resulting in death.
$4 Million
$4M judgment during trial in real estate dispute between churches.
Fulton vs. United
$4 Million
Fulton v. United
$4,000,000 judgment against United Airlines for dropping and injuring a handicapped passenger.
$3.1 Million
$3.1M settlement in business partnership divorce over medical practice.
$3 Million
$3M settlement in refinery accident.
$2.7 Million
$2.7M settlement in partner expulsion from medical practice.
$2.5 Million
$2.5M drunk driver automobile accident.
$2.5 Million
$2.5M workplace accident involving crane failure resulting in head injury.
$2 Million
$2M judgment in construction accident resulting in workers death.
$2 Million
$2M oilfield equipment failure resulting in back injuries.
$1.9 Million
$1.9M offshore rig injury resulting in leg and foot injuries.
$1.8 Million
$1.8M biking accident resulting in broken teeth and back and neck injuries.
$1 Million
$1M pedestrian car accident resulting in head injuries.
$500 Thousand
$500,000 medical negligence judgment against doctor for superficial burns during laser hair removal.
$450 Thousand
Holmes v. Santana Funeral Directors
$450,000 verdict against the funeral home for rear-end accident causing soft-tissue back injury.
$220 Thousand
$220,000 judgment for rear-end collision resulting in whiplash.

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