Working in one of the construction trades is dangerous, as any construction worker will attest. Hazards are everywhere on a job site, and accidents happen frequently.

The average person might not recognize how often site visitors and people living or working near construction zones suffer injuries. Fortunately, a visitor or passerby could seek compensation for their losses from the negligent parties who caused their injuries.

After an incident of this nature, an injured person should seek advice from a skilled injury attorney as quickly as possible. A Denver construction accident lawyer could advise an injured person about their legal alternatives.

How to Identify Negligence at a Construction Site

Determining whose conduct contributed to an accident depends on the facts of the case. Many workers and innocent passersby suffer injuries when heavy equipment collides with their vehicles, tips, or moves unexpectedly. The equipment driver’s employer is likely liable, but if another company directed traffic, they might also bear responsibility. If a mechanical failure on the vehicle caused the accident, the manufacturer might be liable.

Slip and falls, falling tools and debris, trench collapses, scaffolding accidents, and crane failures might cause severe or fatal injuries to workers, visitors, and others nearby.

An experienced lawyer could analyze an incident report, police report, and other official documents to determine what happened. The general contractor and project manager could provide documentation explaining which contractors were on site when the accident occurred and who was responsible for which aspects of the job. This information could point to one or more parties whose negligence potentially contributed to the accident.

Bringing an Action Against the Responsible Parties

An injured person could assert a claim against the negligent parties seeking damages for the losses they suffered in the accident. Damages could include medical costs, diminished income, and any injury-related expenses.

An injured person could seek non-economic damages for the temporary and permanent impact the accident has on their quality of life. Depending on the circumstances, a negligent party might owe non-economic damages for a victim’s physical pain, scarring, disability, lost enjoyment of life, mental anguish, and other harm they suffered.

Colorado Statute §13-21-102.5 limits non-economic damages in personal injury cases. As of 2023, most injured people could receive a maximum of $613,760. However, if a Denver attorney could prove by clear and convincing evidence that the injured person deserves more, a judge or jury could award up to $1,227,530. The legislature adjusts the cap for inflation every two years.

Remedies Available to Construction Workers

Colorado employers must carry workers’ compensation coverage, and any employee who suffers an injury on the job could claim benefits. Workers’ compensation provides free medical treatment until the injury has healed or reached the point of maximum medical improvement, meaning further treatment would have no impact. If an injury requires the employee to stay home from work or limits their ability to do their job, workers’ compensation pays a partial wage.

Construction site workers usually cannot sue their employer for injuries they suffer on the job. However, sometimes another party’s negligence caused the accident that resulted in the damage. In such cases, the worker could sue the negligent party and collect workers’ compensation benefits.

Third-party involvement is common in construction accident cases. Most work sites involve several different companies working in a confined space simultaneously. A hardworking attorney in Denver could investigate whether another company’s employee or an independent contractor contributed to the incident that caused the injury.

Contact a Denver Attorney After a Construction Accident

When you suffer injuries in an accident, the negligent party who caused the incident is responsible for paying your damages. Determining who was negligent in a construction accident could be challenging, but an experienced attorney knows how to find evidence identifying the responsible parties.

Construction accident claims are often complex, and you should work with a seasoned professional to get good results. Discuss your case with a knowledgeable attorney today.