Buses offer an affordable and efficient way for people to commute to their jobs or run their errands. Unfortunately, with their massive size, these vehicles are prone to collisions that can result in severe injuries. Whether you were driving your own vehicle and were involved in a bus crash or were a passenger at the time of an incident, you may have the right to collect compensation for your losses.

A Houston bus accident lawyer is ready to fight for you. Our dedicated attorneys at Roberts Markland LLP work hard to investigate the incident and prove that a bus driver’s negligence was the source of the crash. We can also help measure how the event has impacted your life and demand that all liable parties provide the compensation that you need to move forward.
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Duties Bus Drivers as Common Carriers

Bus drivers have the same duty to protect other travelers as every other motorist. This means that they must obey the rules of the road and operate their vehicles in a responsible manner. If a collision occurs, and a bus driver was responsible for causing that crash, they are liable to provide compensation to all affected people.

These crashes can occur in many ways. A bus driver may violate a speed limit or fail to stop at a red light. They may also become distracted by their bus’s radio or their cell phone. They could also fail to check a blind spot before changing lanes or moving out into traffic.

A Houston attorney could help to pursue personal injury claims against negligent bus drivers. This includes fighting back against allegations of shared fault. According to Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 33.001, defendants can allege that an injured individual contributed to the facts that resulted in an injury. If a court accepts this argument, it must reduce the financial award by the percentage of fault that it attributes to the injured person.

Compensation Available to Injured Passengers in Houston

Other motorists and pedestrians may not be the only ones to suffer losses in the event of a common carrier wreck. The passengers within the buses themselves are also vulnerable to injury. This is because few buses have seatbelts, and some riders may even be standing at the time of the collision. This can result in people being tossed around inside of the cabin, being thrown to the floor, or making contact with other riders, windows, or doors.

These people have the same right to demand compensation as all other injured people. However, they still must prove that the bus driver’s actions were the source of the accident. This can even apply to cases where the bus was involved in a single-vehicle accident in collisions with curbs, light poles, or buildings. A Houston lawyer could help passengers injured in bus crashes evaluate their legal rights and demand fair compensation for their losses.

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People who suffer injuries that result from the poor choices of bus drivers deserve full compensation for their losses. This can include payments for medical costs, lost wages, and reductions in their quality of life.

A Houston bus accident lawyer is prepared to fight for you. Our team at Roberts Markland LLP could investigate the crash and obtain the evidence needed to prove that a bus driver was to blame for a collision. We could also help collect evidence concerning your losses and demand proper payments from all liable parties. Give us a call now to discover more.