No matter how hard you work at building your business or how much corporate talent you have on your side, it can all be for nothing if a competing company or individual steals your ideas. Patent infringement, trade dress infringement, or copyright infringement can easily ruin a business. Similarly, the costs associated with being accused of stealing another company’s ideas can also destroy your reputation and company vitality.
Who We Are. Roberts Markland LLP
Combining extensive courtroom experience with technical depth, our patent infringement attorneys at Roberts Markland, LLP have earned national recognition for our successes. Representing both patent holders and accused infringers, our trial-born knowledge of patent infringement and patent litigation covers virtually every kind of technology, biotechnology, medical devices, telecommunications, and industrial machinery. This enables us to offer guidance on developing and executing strategies to monetize intellectual property and drive innovative solutions for IP protection.

Be ensured that when you hire Roberts Markland, LLP to represent you, our team will fight vigorously to defend your rights and guide you through the legal complexities of intellectual property (IP) litigation. To discuss your intellectual property rights case with a winning patent and copyright infringement lawyer today, call us today.