Anjali Sharma

“I take pride in standing up for those who have been wronged by insurance companies or corporations. Justice is not just a legal matter but a human matter as well.”

At the heart of every legal matter is a story that deserves to be told. Anjali Sharma, Esq., located in Houston, TX, is committed to narrating these stories with dedication, advocating for those who have been injured due to the negligence of others.

Career Highlights

Anjali Sharma, Esq., brings an extensive background in environmental and political science to her law practice, amplifying her exceptional ability to navigate complex personal injury cases such as automobile and trucking accidents, workplace liability claims, burn injuries, and wrongful death suits.

Before joining the esteemed Roberts Markland LLP as an Associate, Anjali pursued academic excellence at the University of Houston, mastering Environmental Science, Atmospheric Science, and Political Science. Her passion for justice and formidable advocacy skills propelled her to the Thurgood Marshall School of Law. It was there that she honed her litigation abilities through mock trial competitions and served as Review Editor of the Law Journal on Gender, Race & Justice. Her leadership skills shone brightly while President of the Community Outreach Program.

Her legal acumen bloomed early. As a first-year law student, Anjali clerked for the distinguished Honorable Judge Maria Jackson in the 339th Criminal District Court in Harris County, Texas. In her successive years at law school, she began making her mark as an intern at The Markland Law Firm, distinguishing herself as an indispensable member of the legal team. Following her graduation and success on the Texas Bar Exam, she seamlessly transitioned to serve as an Associate at Roberts Markland LLP.

Personal Interests and Community Involvement

Aside from her rigorous legal practice, Anjali is heavily invested in the welfare of her community. From volunteering for various charitable organizations to mentoring law students, her nurturing spirit shines through her altruistic endeavors. An advocate for the planet, Anjali dedicates time to environmental conservation projects, carrying forth her academic passions into practical action.

As a champion of diversity and inclusion, Anjali frequently engages with the legal community to inspire change. Through speaking engagements and workshops, she leverages her voice and experience to foster an equitable legal landscape for all.

Invitation to Connect

For those requiring a staunch supporter in the wake of a personal injury, Anjali Sharma, Esq., possesses the compassionate understanding and seasoned expertise to secure the justice and compensation you deserve. Connect with Anjali to start your journey towards healing and restitution.

Should you wish to reach out for a consultation or to share in her community efforts, you can find contact information and more details on her bio page at Roberts Markland LLP.

The pursuit of justice is a noble path, and Anjali Sharma, Esq., walks it with integrity and purpose.


  • University of Houston – Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
  • Thurgood Marshall School of Law, J.D.- Bachelor of Science in Political Science


  • Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, Texas Southern District Court



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