Few industries are more consistently dangerous to workers than the oil industry. This is usually through no fault of the workers themselves. Even when everyone on site follows safety rules and performs their jobs carefully, poorly maintained or constructed machinery may fail at the wrong moment and cause catastrophic harm to multiple people. If this happens because a manufacturer, seller, mechanic, or site supervisor acted in a grossly irresponsible way, that individual could be held liable for the malfunction and any resulting injuries.

Oil field equipment malfunction in Houston can serve as grounds for third-party personal injury claims in many situations. However, this does not mean achieving a positive case result is simple or straightforward. Contacting a seasoned industrial plant accident attorney should be your top priority after getting necessary medical treatment. Roberts Markland LLP could improve your chances of getting appropriate financial compensation for your injuries.

Recoverable Damages After Oil Field Equipment Failures

Third-party litigation after an accident on an oil field does not function the same as workers’ compensation. The differences are mainly in ways that affect the injured person filing suit. For example, there is no automatic assumption of liability in this type of case as there would be with a workers’ comp claim.

However, if an individual can prove someone else is at fault for their injuries based on legally actionable negligence, they can demand restitution. Restitution is compensation that could cover past and future economic and non-economic forms of harm they suffer due to their injuries. Specific damages that may be recoverable following an oil field equipment malfunction in Houston include:

  • Emergency medical bills for minor to catastrophic injuries
  • Costs of future medical care, including physical therapy, prescription medications, and assistive equipment like wheelchairs
  • Lost work income and future wages if the ability to work is lost
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Lost consortium
  • Lost quality of life
  • Wrongful death

A qualified attorney from Roberts Markland LLP could discuss in more specific detail what losses an oil field worker is eligible to pursue compensation for based on their circumstances.

How Do Equipment Malfunctions Happen?

Unfortunately, determining who is to blame for injuries caused by an equipment malfunction in Houston oil fields can be uniquely challenging. This is because the people who are most directly at fault are rarely on site when the accident occurs. Establishing that a manufacturing company made or sold a piece of machinery with a dangerous design or manufacturing defect can require extensive evidence.

In addition, the presentation of that evidence must be compelling enough to overcome opposition from corporate legal teams. Luckily, our tenacious attorneys at Roberts Markland LLP have experience in litigation and aren’t afraid to fight on your behalf using supreme legal strategies.

It is worth noting that equipment malfunctions in oil fields can sometimes stem from other forms of negligence. For example, the company that owns and operates a particular machine could cause a malfunction by failing to ensure that it undergoes regular maintenance and safety inspections. Similarly, an incident can result from not providing proper training to employees tasked with operating the machines.

Ask a Houston Attorney for Help Following a Breakdown of Oil Field Equipment

No matter how a specific piece of heavy machinery malfunctions, the consequences for any nearby worker are all too often life-altering. When incidents like this happen in the oil industry, being proactive in seeking legal representation can be vital to protecting your rights as an injured worker and preserving your future prospects.

Talking to a skilled attorney after an oil field equipment malfunction in Houston could be a crucial first step towards receiving the compensation you deserve. Contact Roberts Markland LLP today to learn more with a free consultation.