For the thousands of people who work on and around oil-drilling operations in Southeastern Texas, dangerous working conditions are all too common. These work sites can be the cause of serious accidents that occur and result in equally severe injuries. Unfortunately, proving negligence can be a complicated process. Even if you have compelling evidence that another worker, company, or contractor caused you to get hurt on the job through reckless or careless behavior, trying to assemble a claim on your own might feel impossible.

Having help from a Houston oil drilling accident lawyer could make a difference in how effectively you are able to pursue compensation. One of the dedicated industrial plant accident attorneys at Roberts Markland LLP could tirelessly protect your rights and strive for the best possible resolution to your claim. Get in touch with us today.

Holding Someone Else Accountable for an Oil Drilling Injury

Negligence during oil drilling work can take many forms, not all of which involve a single person acting irresponsibly in an obvious way. In many cases, accidents on these types of worksites stem from a chain of failures by multiple people. These individuals can include not just on-site workers but also various suppliers, contractors, and third parties who may never have set foot in the oil field where the incident occurred. Some particularly common sources of oil drilling accidents in and around Houston encompass:

  • Pipe explosions
  • Fires
  • Exposure to methane gas or other hazardous materials
  • Slipping or tripping accidents
  • Equipment defects and malfunctions
  • Failure by workers or supervisors to follow safety rules
  • Lack of appropriate protective equipment

Unfortunately, accidents of this nature tend to cause injuries that may leave an oil worker unable to perform their job duties for months afterwards. If catastrophic injuries occur, such as burn injuries, paralysis, or spinal cord damage, an individual might be unable to hold any employment whatsoever.

In addition to short-term losses like medical bills and lost wages, it can also be vital to seek recovery for long-term harm like lost earning capacity, physical pain and suffering, and lost overall quality of life.

A Houston oil drilling accident attorney’s assistance can be vital to building a solid case that accounts for all compensable past and future losses. Legal counsel could also play a key role in identifying which parties may be liable for a particular incident. A Roberts Markland LLP attorney could collect evidence of negligence and contest counterarguments that claim an injured worker is partially or mostly at fault for their injuries.

Time Limits for Oil Drilling Accident Claims

With relatively few exceptions, Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.003 limits prospective personal injury plaintiffs to just two years after sustaining injuries to begin the civil litigation process. This deadline applies even when an oil worker suffers lifelong repercussions from their accident.

This statute of limitations is another reason why retaining one of the knowledgeable legal professionals from Roberts Markland LLP could be crucial. Filing the claim outside of this timeline could result in the complete dismissal of your claim without the opportunity to refile. After an oil drilling incident, a Houston attorney could help build a strong claim within this deadline that includes reasonable estimates of the value of future losses.

Speak with a Houston Oil Drilling Accident Attorney Today

While oil drilling can be a uniquely dangerous occupation, that does not mean people who work in this industry have no legal recourse if someone else’s negligence causes them to get injured. If you were hurt recently under similar circumstances, seeking guidance from seasoned legal representation may be vital to preserving your future prospects and financial wellbeing.

A capable Houston oil drilling accident lawyer could provide the diligent and custom-tailored support you need to pursue compensation. Consult with one of our attorneys at Roberts Markland LLP today.