Houston’s economy is largely dependent on the oil industry. Rig workers face hazardous conditions daily, making oil field accidents common in the area. When you sustain an injury on a rig, contact an oil field accident attorney to discuss compensation.

While a lot can go wrong on an oil rig if employees and administrators do not follow safety protocol, even when everyone follows protocol, these incidents still happen. To learn more about safety measures to prevent oil rig accidents in Houston, reach out to our legal team members at Roberts Markland LLP.

Promoting Safety Measures on Oil Rigs

While oil drilling in Houston is one of the most dangerous occupations to have, several factors can prevent accidents and injuries, including:

  • Having an adequate number of crew members
  • Ensuring fire extinguishers are available in case of explosion or fire
  • Providing staff with safety gear such as goggles, life jackets, and rafts
  • Having a detailed emergency plan in place
  • Undergoing frequent inspections to ensure equipment works correctly
  • Ensuring employees receive adequate training to put out small fires quickly

One of the most important factors when it comes to promoting safety on oil rigs and preventing accidents is ensuring that machines and equipment operate correctly. Even a small mechanical failure can lead to a disaster.

Safety Measures for Oil Rig Workers on the Water

Unfortunately, oil rig accidents are even more likely at sea. Developing a set of safety guidelines reduces the risk of serious injury stemming from an explosion. Overlooking these safety measures can put an entire oil rig at risk, leaving bystanders and employees with severe, life-altering injuries.

Due to the high risk of employing these oil rig workers, employers must adhere to the safety regulations designed to protect their employees. The Bureau of Ocean Energy and Management, Regulation, and Enforcement sets the safety standard for seamen working on oil rigs. These regulations protect workers who are susceptible to injuries on the water because of their job duties. Under the law, the employers of oil rigs located on the water must ensure the following safety guidelines are in place:

  • Regular maintenance of drilling equipment
  • Training on how to implement safety protocol
  • Medical care provided on board
  • Equipment stored in secure locations
  • Weekly emergency drills to prepare for real accidents

Any incident or injury that arises because an employer failed to implement these safety measures makes them legally liable for the damages. One of the best ways to prevent oil rig accidents is to provide drilling employees with proper emergency training. Workers should also closely follow safety guidelines to protect themselves from injury in case of a disaster on an oil rig. Contact an experienced attorney in Houston when you suffer injuries in an oil field accident.

Hire an Attorney in Houston to Learn More About Safety Measures to Prevent Oil Rig Accidents

One of the leading causes of oil rig accidents in the Houston area is failure to follow safety measures. While working on an oil rig is inherently dangerous, there is no excuse for ignoring safety measures.

When you suffer an injury while working on an oil rig due to someone else’s negligence, contact an attorney to discuss filing a lawsuit for compensation. Our legal team members can explain safety measures to prevent oil rig accidents in Houston and help you begin filing your claim for damages.