Even under the best circumstances, oil rigs can be exceptionally dangerous places to work in. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of errors, omissions, malfunctions, and managerial mistakes that could lead to an oil rig incident resulting in serious and even fatal injuries.

Understanding the primary causes of oil rig accidents in Houston can be key to protecting yourself from getting hurt on the job and enforcing your legal rights in the event someone else’s negligence causes your workplace injuries. To learn more about these causes, reach out to our skilled oil rig accident attorneys at Roberts Markland LLP.

Defective Machinery and Tools

While oil drilling in Houston is much safer today than before due to technological advances, the modern machines that drillers work with can cause serious rig accidents if not operated correctly. Furthermore, even a minor defect in how a tool or piece of machinery was designed, assembled, or installed could make it dangerous to use correctly, as could a lack of consistent maintenance for even the most dependable machines.

Lack of Safety Equipment and Procedures

While drillers have many work-related responsibilities, oil companies also have a duty to ensure their workers have appropriate protective equipment to minimize their risk of sustaining an injury while performing job-related tasks.

Companies in Houston that fail to do one of the following may be liable for causing an oil rig incident resulting in injuries:

  • Provide appropriate safety gear
  • Provide safety gear that is in safe working order
  • Provide the proper gear for specific tasks

Additionally, any company that fails to enforce safety practices on-site may be legally liable for any harm a worker suffers as a consequence of the company’s negligence.

Lack of Experience or Training Among Workers

In addition to ensuring their workers are well-equipped to handle the tasks assigned to them, oil rig managers and owners must also ensure their workers are trained to do their jobs correctly and that riskier tasks are only given to workers with enough experience to perform them safely. When an untrained worker ends up hurting someone else on an oil rig in Houston due to inexperience, the worker and the company that was supposed to train them may hold civil liability for ensuing losses.

Failure to Manage Worker Fatigue

Even when oilfield workers have high-quality tools, safety gear, and training, they are still human and can only perform the type of labor required on rigs for so long before they become dangerously fatigued. That said, ensuring workers are not too tired and in good physical and mental shape to do their jobs safely is another crucial responsibility oil companies in Houston owe their employees.

Many Causes of Oil Rig Accidents Can Justify Civil Lawsuits in Houston

You may have multiple options for seeking civil recovery after getting hurt while working on an oil rig, each of which requires a unique strategy and approach. Whether you want to seek recovery through traditional workers’ compensation, a civil lawsuit, or both, guidance from seasoned legal counsel is crucial to obtaining the restitution you need.

A skilled workplace accident lawyer could help pursue litigation over any negligent act that causes an oil rig accident in Houston. Call today to learn more and schedule a private consultation with one of our legal team members.