Many jobs on and around oil fields involve the operation of heavy machinery that, if not regularly maintained and operated correctly, can cause devastating injuries to multiple workers at once. Unfortunately, negligence by individual workers, site supervisors, machine manufacturers, and various other parties leads to numerous accidents every year. Some of these incidents involve one or more body parts being crushed in catastrophic ways.

Filing a third-party lawsuit and recovering fair compensation for an injury as severe as this can be a challenge without the help of a knowledgeable industrial plant accident attorney. By retaining a seasoned Houston oil field crush injury lawyer, you could give yourself the best possible odds of securing a favorable claim result and obtaining the compensation you deserve. Call our team at Roberts Markland LLP now and let us handle the legalities so you can focus your energy on healing.

How Negligence Can Lead to Crushing Accidents

Crush injuries can happen in oil fields in a few different ways. However, they most commonly occur due to improper operation of heavy machinery and malfunctions of those machines caused by defects in their manufacture or design. In both scenarios, the accident almost always could have been avoided were it not for reckless or careless conduct by one or more parties.

For example, if a machine operator or contractor fails to follow standard safety procedures and accidently crushes another worker between heavy components, the operator or their employer may be directly liable for damages. Similarly, a manufacturer that provides a faulty product could be considered partially or primarily to blame for any injury stemming directly from a mechanical failure. This can also be applied to a mechanic who does not provide diligent maintenance or repair of heavy machinery.

Even parties who are not directly involved in a crushing accident may be named as defendants in legal cases. This could be an oil company that did not provide appropriate safety gear or did not ensure workers were adequately trained to operate heavy machinery. A Houston oil field crush injury attorney could provide irreplaceable support in determining who might be at fault for a particular incident and taking action against them. The team at Roberts Markland LLP has extensive experience in representing individuals who were injured in these devastating scenarios.

Recovering Available Damages After an Oil Field Crush

Crushing injuries often lead to bones being shattered and muscle tissue sustaining widespread damage. All of this can be extremely difficult for even highly trained medical professionals to treat and repair effectively. Because of that fact, injuries like this are expensive to manage and tend to result in numerous long-term physical, financial, and personal losses. A capable lawyer could help demand fair recovery for all of the following damages and more following an oil field crush accident in Houston:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Lost short-term work income
  • Lost long-term earning capacity
  • Physical and psychological suffering
  • A loss of enjoyment of life
  • Effects of permanent disfigurement/disability

Legal counsel could also play a vital role in building a solid claim within the statutory filing deadlines set by state law.

Contact a Houston Oil Field Crush Injury Attorney for Help

Most accidents that could occur during work in the oil industry have the potential to cause catastrophic injuries with life-long consequences. A crush incident can be one of the most severe. If you suffered damage to your foot, hand, limb, or other body parts through this type of accident, talking to a legal professional about your rights and filing options should be a priority.

A Houston oil field crush injury lawyer is a valuable ally to have. At Roberts Markland LLP, we are prepared to fight in your corner for the compensation you deserve. Call today to schedule a meeting.