The oil and gas drilling industry plays a significant role in Texas’ economy. Oil fields are one of the primary employers in Houston. Pro-oil drilling legislation, location, and industry practices make Houston and surrounding cities prime oil drilling spots. With a high volume of drilling activity, oil rig accidents frequently occur in the area.

Many oil field accidents have occurred in Texas in recent years, and if you live in the Houston area, you likely know someone who suffered injuries in an oil rig accident. Working in an oil field is particularly dangerous, and the injuries workers sustain are often severe due to hazardous equipment, the risk of fire or explosion, chemicals, and working at great heights.

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Why Do Oil Drilling Accidents Commonly Occur in Houston?

Houston is an ideal location for oil drilling. Not only is it an easily accessible travel hub, but the most prominent energy firms are also based in the area, making it the oil and gas capital of the world. Unsurprisingly, the oil industry is the most significant part of the economy in this region, with nearly a third of oil and gas-related jobs in the area. These numbers are only expected to grow in the coming years due to the high demand for oil and gas in the United States.

Houston is at the forefront of the industry, and many unique factors make it the ideal location for drilling. For example, Texas law is lenient on the oil industry since it is an integral part of its economy. Labor laws and fracking regulations in Texas favor oil companies. The law permits—and some oil drilling companies require—employees to work 24-hour shifts. Extended hours are prevalent in this industry, making exhaustion one of the leading causes of oil rig accidents.

What Are Hazards on an Oil Rig?

Rig accidents are all too common in an economy so dependent on the oil and gas industry. Working on an oil rig in Houston is dangerous for many reasons: not only do employees work at precarious heights, but some employees suffer injuries from explosions on the field or exposure to toxic substances. In addition to these risks, oil rig workers face other common dangers on a drilling site, including:

  • Misuse or malfunction of oil machinery
  • Car accidents
  • Inadequate maintenance of equipment
  • Fire and extreme hear
  • Oil tank explosions
  • Toxic fumes

These dangerous factors and long hours make oil rig accidents some of the most common workplace accidents.

Contact an Attorney in Houston to Learn More About Other Unique Factors in Oil Rig Accidents

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