Whether they are caused by open flames, superheated metal surfaces, exposure to caustic chemicals, or any other source, burns are extremely painful injuries that can have debilitating and potentially life-altering effects. On top of short-term medical bills and missed time at work, burn victims often have to deal with permanent disfigurement and the various personal losses that may come with it.

A skilled catastrophic injury attorney at Roberts Markland LLP is prepared to help you demand fair financial compensation after this type of incident. If you were severely burned because another person was negligent, contacting a Houston burn injury lawyer at our firm to discuss the possibility of litigation should be a top priority after obtaining appropriate medical care.

Connecting Negligence to a Burn Injury

As with any other personal injury, a high-degree burn can only be the basis for a lawsuit or settlement demand if it stems directly from another person’s negligence. In legal terms, this means that all the following criteria must be met for a case to proceed:

  • Someone else—like a motor vehicle driver, employer, or landlord—had an implicit or explicit duty to protect you from preventable harm by acting in a specific responsible way
  • That other person instead acted carelessly or recklessly, thereby “breaching” their duty
  • That “breach” directly led to some kind of accident which in turn directly caused your burn
  • The burn was severe enough to require professional medical care and cause you financial, physical, and/or personal losses

If you can prove all these elements of negligence apply to your situation, you could hold the negligent parties liable for all economic and non-economic harm suffered. An experienced Houston burn injury attorney could provide vital assistance establishing how you ended up burned and proving other parties’ misconduct.

How Burn Severity Impacts Civil Compensation

It is worth reiterating that a burn injury must be serious enough to warrant professional medical care to serve as grounds for litigation, which means that most first-degree burns cannot be the basis for a lawsuit or settlement demand even if they only happened because of another person’s negligence. Second-degree and third-degree burns, on the other hand, almost always can be grounds for civil claims since they both involve damage to multiple skin layers and may result in permanent scarring even with prompt medical attention.

In particular, third-degree burns may also cause permanent loss of sensation and/or motor function, which can allow recovery for various long-term losses like lost enjoyment of life, consortium, and working capacity. Once again, a well-practiced burn accident lawyer in Houston could clarify what damages you could demand recovery for and help valuate all available losses accurately.

Talk with a Houston Burn Injury Attorney About Your Legal Options

Personal injury litigation is almost never simple, a fact that is especially true for burn injuries that cause permanent and debilitating damage. If you sustained this kind of catastrophic injury by no fault of your own, guidance from a seasoned legal professional could make all the difference in your ability to recover effectively.

From start to finish of your claim, a Houston burn injury lawyer could tenaciously protect your rights and advocate for your best interests. Call today to schedule a meeting with a dedicated attorney at Roberts Markland LLP.