Whether it involved a public METRO bus, a privately owned bus operated by a company like Megabus or Greyhound, or a school bus, talking to insurance companies after a Houston bus accident can be complicated. Even if you are paying premiums for coverage, insurance companies are not always on your side following a car wreck or other auto collision. Forgetting that crucial fact could set you up for a very disappointing outcome to your claim.

Having help from a seasoned bus accident lawyer is the best way to deal with insurance providers proactively and effectively after a crash. With that said, here are some key elements of this process to know about so you can be prepared for your accident’s immediate aftermath as well as the weeks and months of insurance negotiations you may have ahead of you.

How to Handle the Initial Call from an Insurance Adjuster

Anyone involved in an accident involving a commercial or public bus in Houston can expect to quickly receive a call from an insurance adjuster—one representing the bus operating entity and likely one representing their insurance provider. Unfortunately, this call will come before you have a chance to contact an attorney in many situations. Therefore, it is vital to know what to do in advance.

It is acceptable to speak with insurance adjusters after a bus crash and provide them with general objective information, including the names of drivers, when and where the incident occurred, and what specific vehicles were involved. It is also wise to ask for identifying information from the adjuster, as well as what company they work for.

However, adjusters will likely try to pressure you to answer questions. Therefore, it is advisable to decline to answer questions of this nature until you have obtained legal representation. A hardworking attorney could make sure you answer questions from adjusters appropriately.

What to Avoid Saying to Insurance Companies After Bus Accidents

When talking to insurance companies after a collision, it is absolutely crucial to avoid making any guesses or speculating about who might be at fault for the incident or how serious any resulting injuries are. An insurance company can even use an apology or a vague reference to pain resulting from physical trauma against you, preventing you from obtaining the compensation you would otherwise be entitled to.

In the same vein, it is not wise to accept the first settlement offer an insurance company makes. Often, these providers offer accident victims lowball offer designed to get the claims process over with as quickly as possible. Skilled attorneys in Houston could offer guidance about what value a claim should have and help negotiate a fair settlement in and out of the courtroom.

Avoid Talking to Insurance Companies After Bus Accidents Without a Houston Attorney

Not every insurance adjuster is out to get you, but they are not necessarily willing to help you. In most cases, an insurance provider’s primary interest is minimizing their employer’s liability, so your priority should always be protecting your best interests despite what the insurance companies would prefer.

Assistance from seasoned legal representation at Roberts Markland LLP can be key to effectively talking to insurance companies after a Houston bus accident. Call today for a consultation.