The idea of doing anything quickly after a traumatic bus accident—let alone starting a civil lawsuit—can understandably feel overwhelming. However, it can also be vital to protecting your rights and getting much-needed compensation for your damages. Because state law sets firm deadlines on when injured victims must file a civil claim against negligent parties responsible for their harm, reaching out to a hardworking attorney is vital.

These deadlines—referred to as statutes of limitation—can change depending on exactly what type of accident you were involved in and understanding them can be key to making effective use of your legal options following a wreck. A seasoned bus crash lawyer at Roberts Markland LLP could explain Houston bus accident statute of limitations during a consultation to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Filing Deadlines for Private Bus Crash Claims

If the prospective defendant in a bus accident lawsuit is an employee of a private bus company, the operating company itself, or any other person not employed by a government entity, the statute of limitations applies to the plaintiff’s claim. This statute, codified under Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.003, establishes a filing period of two years for nearly all plaintiffs.

This two-year filing period starts from the date a plaintiff learned about—or should have discovered—their injuries rather than the date they occurred. Therefore, if a private bus collision in Houston causes injuries that do not manifest until sometime after the incident, you must file your claim within two years of discovering your harm.

Different Deadlines After Public Bus Wrecks

The statute of limitations—or the effective filing deadline—for public bus crashes differs from the one applicable to claims against private people and entities. Anyone intending to sue the City of Houston for negligence by a public bus driver or other employee involved in public bus operation must give the city written notice of their intentions within 90 days of the accident. The city government in Houston provides additional information and requirements for this process online.

What Happens if the Statute of Limitations Expires?

With virtually no exceptions, failing to file a lawsuit before the applicable filing period ends will result in your case being “time-barred.” Sadly, this means that even if you collected extensive evidence proving a defendant liable for your injuries, you would be unable to recover compensation because you waited too long to begin the legal process. Working with a diligent lawyer in Houston could ensure you follow applicable laws and file your accident claim timely.

A Houston Attorney Could Help Avoid Breaching the Statute of Limitations After a Bus Accident

Building a comprehensive civil claim within the unforgiving time limits set out by state law can be difficult for anyone to manage alone. Fortunately, you have help from skilled legal professionals who have helped many people like you achieve the results they deserve. A knowledgeable lawyer could ensure you meet the Houston bus accident statute of limitations and obtain the maximum payments possible for your injuries.

There is little time to waste if you want to recover compensation after an incident of this nature. Call us at Roberts Markland LLP to schedule a confidential consultation with our experienced attorneys.