Even if you suffered substantial injuries directly from an incident involving a private or public bus, you can only recover compensation for those and other losses if you can prove a person or entity is liable for the accident. Unfortunately, establishing liability in Houston bus accident cases can be deceptively complex, especially if you try to pursue your claim yourself.

Fortunately, the help you might need is available from a seasoned bus accident lawyer with years of experience handling similar situations successfully. If you were hurt in any way because a bus driver, operating entity, or anyone else was negligent, retaining skilled legal counsel could be a vital first step to proving fault for your injuries and recovering fair compensation. Contact Roberts Markland LLP today to learn more.

Proving a Bus Driver Was Legally Negligent

In many situations, negligence leading to a bus accident looks the same as negligence that could cause any other type of traffic collision. Bus drivers have to follow all the traffic laws and general rules for safe conduct behind the wheel as car, truck, motorcycle, and all other drivers. Accordingly, if a bus operator directly causes a collision, they could be liable for any injuries passengers or other involved parties suffer as a result. Some of these negligent acts could include:

  • Failing to adhere to speed limits
  • Not paying close attention to the road ahead and around them
  • Not yielding or stopping at a traffic light or stop sign
  • Driving while under the influence
  • Driving while distracted or tired

The duty of care bus drivers owe due to their status as “common carriers” also requires them to act in ways that minimize the risk of passengers getting hurt in ways other than through collisions with other cars or with stationary objects. For example, if a bus driver accelerates too quickly away from a stop and causes a passenger who was unable to find a seat to fall and injure themselves, that driver’s reckless behavior could be the basis for a Houston bus accident liability claim.

What Other Parties Could Be at Fault?

Importantly, bus drivers are not the only parties who could bear responsibility for injuries caused in a bus crash or other incident. Most notably, the private company or government entity that employs them could hold vicarious liability for their employee’s negligence. They could also be directly negligent by not maintaining safe hiring practices or forcing drivers to work unreasonably long shifts.

Alternatively, if a bus accident in Houston occurs because of a mechanical failure, liability might lie primarily or entirely with a third party, like a manufacturing company or a negligent mechanic. In other situations, a bus incident may happen because of misconduct by another driver on the road, in which case that driver might be the primary defendant in an ensuing civil claim. Guidance from knowledgeable legal counsel can be vital in identifying and taking appropriate legal action against all parties responsible for causing a particular incident.

Discuss Liability in a Houston Bus Accident Case with an Attorney

Bus accidents are traumatic experiences in the best circumstances, and they can, unfortunately, be life-altering ones if they lead to severe injuries. However, if you can establish that your incident happened because one or more other people were reckless or careless, you could demand comprehensive financial recovery for every loss you sustained.

A capable attorney could be a huge help in understanding liability in Houston bus accident cases. Call Roberts Markland LLP today for a consultation.