Because of how many passengers commercial and public buses regularly carry, bus collisions can potentially harm multiple people at once. Unfortunately, this can complicate demanding compensation for ensuing injuries and losses, especially if the primary defendant is a state or municipal entity subject to the Texas Tort Claims Act.

When it comes to maximizing financial damages in Houston bus accident cases, there is no substitute for support from a seasoned bus accident lawyer with a track record of positive results from cases like yours. Whether you need help covering short-term medical bills or have sustained life-altering trauma because of a bus driver’s negligence, assistance from a dedicated bus crash lawyer could be key to making sure your claim accounts for your losses.

Economic and Non-Economic Recovery from Bus Wrecks

A comprehensive lawsuit or settlement demand following any motor vehicle accident can include losses with objective financial values and losses with subjective personal values, also referred to as “economic” and “non-economic” damages.

Economic losses include emergency medical bills for injuries sustained in the accident, lost income from missed work, damage to personal property, and expected future losses like rehabilitation costs and diminished earning capacity.

Non-economic damages for bus crash claims in Houston generally account for physical and psychological harm that cannot be quantified, including pain suffered from injuries, mental and emotional anguish from the experience of being in a wreck, and lost enjoyment of life. Like monetary damages, these losses can account for long-term losses when appropriate. For example, a permanent loss of consortium or quality of life from a permanent disability could be a recoverable damage after a bus crash.

Punitive Damage Awards After a Bus Accident in Houston

In rare cases involving “clear and convincing evidence” of egregious negligence, intentional malice, or fraud, punitive damages may also be imposed against a defendant by a court. These damages can be valued at up to a maximum of $200,000 in cases where no economic losses are awarded, or two times economic damages, and the value of non-economic damages up to $750,000.

In addition, the Texas Tort Claims Act limits how much compensation a government entity may be held liable to pay if a public bus driver or affiliated employee’s negligence causes physical harm.

For example, if a defendant is a “unit of local government,” the caps are $100,000 per plaintiff, $300,000 for all bodily injury, and $100,000 for total property damage. The caps for claims against “municipalities” are $250,000 per plaintiff, $500,000 for all injuries, and $100,000 for total property damage. A skilled local attorney could evaluate an injured person’s losses and demand maximum compensation from all defendants responsible for a bus wreck.

A Houston Attorney Could Provide More Information About Damages in Bus Accident Cases

The type and value of damages you could recover after being hurt in a bus accident will vary based on how severe and long-lasting your injuries are. Likewise, recoverable compensation might also depend on who bears fault for the crash. However, no matter what, getting maximum restitution for your injuries could be much easier with support from experienced legal representation.

A diligent bus accident lawyer could explain damages in Houston bus accident cases in more detail during a private consultation. Schedule a meeting today by calling Roberts Markland LLP.