Being involved in an accident involving a private or public bus can be a traumatic experience, even if you walk away without injuries. However, if you are severely harmed in a crash of this nature, you may face a long recovery with expensive medical bills, lost income, and long-term consequences.

Unfortunately, you could make several errors after a bus collision that hinder your ability to recover financial compensation. That said, you must be cautious about what you do in the days following this type of accident.

Knowing what mistakes to avoid after a Houston bus accident can make a huge difference in your financial recovery through an insurance claim, private settlement, or civil trial. A skilled bus crash lawyer at Roberts Markland LLP could discuss these potential mistakes in further detail during a confidential consultation.

Failing to Seek Prompt Medical Care

Failing to go to a hospital or urgent care facility after an accident can be a big mistake when it comes to bus accident litigation. Immediate medical attention will be crucial to identifying which injuries a collision caused, ensuring proper treatment is rendered for them, and minimizing any long-term and potentially life-changing consequences.

Documentation of an accident’s physical impact on an injured person is also central evidence in Houston bus crash cases. Without input from medical experts affirming that an injury stems directly and primarily from a specific accident, it can be nearly impossible to recover fair compensation for those losses later.

Not Establishing Involvement in the Accident

Another error many bus collision victims in Houston make includes failing to make it clear that they were involved in the accident to begin with. Establishing involvement in a wreck can be done by speaking with responding law enforcement and giving them contact information so there is an official source to back up a possible future claim for compensation. In addition, it may be beneficial to save receipts and ticket stubs proving bus fare payment as proof that you were aboard a bus when it crashed.

Speaking with Insurance Representatives Before Talking to an Attorney

Finally, you should be aware that prematurely speaking with insurance representatives can be disastrous after a bus accident in Houston. Insurance reps are paid to minimize their policyholders’ liability, even if they appear kind and supportive.

Therefore, providing unnecessary information, phrasing a statement poorly, or even answering a friendly question may be used as evidence against you at a later time, possibly reducing the amount of compensation you can recover. Fortunately, a knowledgeable attorney could take over communication with insurance companies to ensure you do not admit fault for your own injuries.

Learn More from a Houston Attorney About Mistakes to Avoid After a Bus Accident

Understanding common ways in which potential civil claimants accidentally jeopardize their cases can go a long way towards ensuring you obtain a positive case result. That said, the best way to avoid mistakes after a Houston bus accident is to have representation from seasoned legal counsel who could fight for your rights.

A conversation with our dedicated bus accident lawyers at Roberts Markland LLP might be a crucial first to achieving the recovery you need for the harm you experienced. Call today to schedule a consultation and get started on your claim.