Bicycle accidents often leave riders with severe injuries, since they have little physical protection aside from safety equipment such as helmets. When a motor vehicle collides with a bike, the cyclist will likely sustain severe injuries and losses.

Understanding the potential injuries of bicycle crashes is vital when pursuing a compensation claim. By law, any negligent driver who causes injuries to you while you are riding your bike must provide restitution for your medical costs. However, you must prove that your injuries were the product of the collision. A knowledgeable crash attorney could provide more information about common injuries from bike accidents in Houston and how to seek compensation for your losses.

Temporary Injuries following Bike Crashes

Most bike riders are relatively fortunate that their injuries are temporary: with appropriate medical attention and time spent in recovery, these victims can heal. Common examples of these injuries may include:

  • Scrapes and cuts
  • Bruises
  • Separated joints
  • Broken bones
  • Sprained ligaments
  • Concussions

When you sustain one of these injuries, the at-fault driver must compensate you for the cost of your medical treatment, which can include an ambulance ride, ER care, and rehabilitation sessions. A dedicated lawyer in Houston could take the lead in your case to seek the compensation you deserve after suffering temporary injuries from a bike collision.

Incidents that Leave Bicyclists with Permanent Disabilities

A crash between a bike rider and a motor vehicle can permanently impact your life. Despite the best available medical attention, you might find that you cannot return to your daily routine. Sadly, these injuries can result from collisions at low speeds.

Examples of permanent injuries that result from bike crashes in Houston include:

After sustaining one of these injuries, even prompt medical attention is unlikely to result in a full recovery. Therefore, a demand for compensation must account for both your injury-related costs as well as future medical care expenses. A hardworking attorney in Houston could gather evidence of your past medical expenses and estimate a fair settlement to help you receive the necessary care for your bike crash injuries.

Regardless of the injuries you sustain in a bike crash, there is a strict time limit to demand compensation. Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 16.003 is the state’s statute of limitations for personal injury cases, which says that injured people must bring a civil claim no more than two years after the date of their incident. A legal representative could help you determine the severity of an injury and seek the appropriate compensation.

Understanding the Common Injuries from Bike Accidents can Help Riders in Houston Protect their Legal Rights

Collisions that occur between bicycles and motor vehicles can result in life-altering injuries. The resulting damage might be temporary, allowing you to make a full recovery, or catastrophic, impacting your life for the foreseeable future. In every event, when another driver is responsible for the accident that resulted in your injuries, they are liable to provide you with fair compensation.

These injuries may include cuts and scrapes, ligament damage, head injuries, spinal cord damage, and broken bones. An attorney at Roberts Markland LLP could help you comprehend your legal rights after a bike crash and to hold at-fault drivers responsible. Reach out now to learn more about the common injuries from bike accidents in Houston.