When a person is involved in an accident while riding their bike, it is understandable for them to feel confused and disoriented. On top of potential physical injuries, a collision between a bicycle and a motor vehicle can be very violent, resulting in severe mental trauma. After a crash of this nature, it can be difficult to understand what legal rights you have.

Additionally, it might be hard to recall the proper steps to take to maximize your chances of compensation. Following several steps after an accident can help protect your rights under the law while ensuring you gather evidence that builds a powerful case against the negligent driver who hurt you. An experienced crash attorney at Roberts Markland LLP can provide more information about what to do after a bike accident in Houston.

What Legal Obligations Do You Have After a Bicycle Collision?

When you are involved in a crash that results in an injury or property damage in Houston, you must call for help. Under Texas Transportation Code § 550.021, all drivers involved in an accident must stop and call 911 for medical aid in the case of an injury. While this does not apply to bicyclists, it is always beneficial to call 911.

Doing so ensures that the responding police officer will complete an accident report. This report will be helpful in your claim against the other driver and help you get the medical care you need at the crash scene. Additionally, the insurance adjuster and the jury will look at the police reports as impartial and strong evidence and help attorneys quickly evaluate your case with an unbiased opinion.

As a bike rider in Houston, you are not obligated to call the police after a crash that leaves you injured. However, calling the police is wise and should be the first thing you do after a bike accident.

Steps You Can Take to Strengthen Your Case

Obtaining proper medical care following your bike accident is vital. This can include riding in an ambulance to an emergency room, getting a ride there on your own, or even visiting an urgent care clinic. It is also important to obtain evidence from the collision scene, including pictures, video, or witness statements.

Lastly, do not give any statements about the accident to the negligent driver’s insurance company. The only person that you should be talking to about the accident is the police officer and a dedicated lawyer in Houston. Any statement you give to an insurance adjuster will be preserved for future settlement negotiations and may be used as evidence in a trial.

The same can be said for signing paperwork from the opposing insurance company. Anything you sign is binding, including statements about the facts of the accident and settlement offers. That said, it is crucial to follow these three steps after a bicycle collision:

  1. Call the police, especially if someone is hurt
  2. Visit the nearest emergency room and follow up on treatment
  3. Don’t sign any documents or give statements without an attorney present

Following these steps can help you get the care and compensation you need while protecting your legal rights.

An Attorney in Houston Could Help Let People Know What to Do After a Bike Accident

The moments following a bike accident can be chaotic and confusing. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and frightened. However, by following these steps, your bicycle accident claim could be incredibly successful.

These steps could aid your recovery and create the evidence that your lawyer needs to successfully advocate on your behalf. Avoid taking any chances with the insurance companies who may try to trick you into a quick settlement or pressure you to give a statement that might hurt your claim. Contact an attorney now for help and learn more about what to do after a bike accident in Houston.