Permanent paralysis is one of the most devastating outcomes any kind of accident can have, especially when the accident only happened because another person was irresponsible. While compensation from a civil claim cannot completely rectify the situation, it could be vital to maximizing your quality of life and minimizing the impact of your personal and financial losses.

When it comes to uniquely high stakes claims like this, there is no substitute for support from a catastrophic injury attorney experienced with achieving positive results from similar claims in the past. If you want to file suit against the person whose negligence left you paralyzed, working with a knowledgeable Houston paralysis injury lawyer at Roberts Markland LLP could be vital to the success of your case.

How Negligence Could Lead to Someone Being Paralyzed

For the most part, paralysis stems from physical trauma to the spine, brain, and/or nervous system, each of which may occur under different circumstances due to many types of negligence. Motor vehicle accidents are a particularly common cause of spinal cord trauma resulting in lifelong loss of function. Additionally, slipping and tripping accidents can cause severe traumatic brain damage and high-degree burns may destroy nerve endings and lead to permanent scarring.

More important than exactly how someone was reckless or careless, though, is whether their actions constituted a breach of a “duty of care” and were the direct cause of an accident. For instance, all motor vehicle drivers are obligated to follow traffic laws at all times, so anyone who does not follow the rules of the road has breached their “duty” to act responsibly, and may therefore be liable for a paralyzing injury caused by an ensuing wreck. A proactive Houston paralysis injury attorney could help collect evidence and establish a comprehensive claim proving that another party’s negligence led to an accident with a life-altering outcome.

Recovering for Long-Term Effects of Paralysis

Any lawsuit or settlement demand built around a paralyzing injury can and should account for the various short-term consequences an injury like this can have, including emergency medical expenses, lost income due to time missed from work, and any personal property damage sustained during the accident. However, it is also vital in situations like this to incorporate the damages a paralyzed person will suffer in the months, years, and decades following their accident as a result of their newfound disability.

As with short-term losses, compensable long-term losses can be either economic or non-economic in nature. On the economic side of things, an injured person could demand restitution for future costs of medical and therapeutic care, lost future earning capacity, and costs of any home or vehicle modifications necessary to increase a paralyzed person’s mobility.

In non-economic terms, comprehensive paralysis injury claims may account for:

  • Physical pain
  • Psychological and emotional distress
  • Lost consortium
  • Lost overall quality of life

A seasoned paralysis accident lawyer in Houston could go into more specific detail during a confidential consultation about what damages a specific person may be eligible to pursue.

A Dedicated Houston Paralysis Injury Attorney Could Help

Becoming paralyzed because another person acted in a careless or reckless way is a uniquely devastating and life-altering experience. Taking proactive legal action after an incident like this can be key not just to paying for short-term hospital bills and personal losses, but also to ensuring you can live comfortably for the remainder of your life.

In both respects, a Houston paralysis injury lawyer’s guidance could make all of the difference in your prospects of securing a positive case result. Call today to schedule an initial meeting with one of the diligent legal professionals at Roberts Markland LLP.