Slippery floors cause falls that frequently result in injuries requiring significant medical attention. However, property owners are often responsible for compensating injured people who slip on their wet floors.

If you were hurt in a wet floor accident in Houston, an experienced premises liability attorney could review the incident to determine who bears responsibility. To learn more about the damages you could receive for the losses you suffered, call our determined representatives at Roberts Markland LLP.

Property Owners’ Obligations

Everyone who owns or leases property must take reasonable steps to keep the premises safe for visitors. However, the obligation varies depending on the relationship between the owner and the person who sustained the injury.

For example, if a property is open to the public for business, owners must regularly inspect it for hazards. Likewise, landowners or managers must repair dangerous conditions within a reasonable period and post warnings until the repair is complete. Wet floor cleanups are easy, so a business that does not mop up the hazard or post signs warning of the wet floor is likely negligent.

On the other hand, if a person is on the property with permission, but for their benefit, like a social guest, the property owner’s obligations are not as strict. For example, landowners must warn a visitor of hidden hazards but do not need to warn them of apparent dangers. Additionally, property owners have no duty to repair dangerous conditions for social guests or other visitors. Consult a Houston attorney as soon as possible to learn whether you have a valid claim against a property owner after falling on a wet floor.

What to do After Falling on a Wet Floor

Slips and falls often embarrass victims, and their first impulse might be to get up and leave as quickly as possible. However, if you are involved in a wet floor incident, it is best to resist that impulse, remain calm, and say as little as possible to anyone about how the incident happened.

When a fall happens in a public place, an employee will likely try to help. They might offer to call an ambulance; if they do, it is wise to accept their offer. Falls can lead to significant injuries that cause substantial impairment, but the injuries often take a day or two to present symptoms. Therefore, receiving medical attention immediately after the incident protects your health and generates a medical record that could be proof in a subsequent claim for compensation.

If workers attempt to collect information, you should say you do not feel well enough to answer questions and provide a phone number for the store to contact you later. You should also note whether the store posted any signs warning of the wet floor and, if so, take pictures. Once you have received proper medical treatment, you should contact a Houston attorney to discuss their legal alternatives.

Property Owner Could Pin Fault on an Injured Person

When someone who falls on a wet floor tries to assert a claim against a property owner for their injuries, the property owner sometimes responds by blaming the victim. According to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 33.001, a negligent property owner may not be fully responsible for damages if an injured party contributed to their harm.

For example, injured individuals could be partially responsible for a fall if they were not paying attention to where they were walking when they fell. In some cases, store owners might present evidence that an injured person was talking on the phone or texting, chasing a child, or distracted in some other way to minimize their responsibility for the accident.

When negligent claimants do not have legal representation, the insurance company for the property owner could bully them into accepting a smaller settlement than they should. Fortunately, a tenacious attorney in Houston could work to prove a property owner responsible for a wet floor incident and hold them accountable in court.

Work With a Houston Attorney After a Wet Floor Accident

Wet floor accidents in Houston often lead to significant pain, inconvenience, humiliation, and expense. However, the negligent property owner who did not attend to the wet floor within a reasonable time could be responsible for paying you compensation.

Working with our confident lawyers at Roberts Markland LLP could help you obtain an appropriate settlement. Call today to speak with a capable local attorney.