Injuries resulting from falls are among the most common reasons that people file personal injury lawsuits. Sadly, although commercial property owners must keep their premises safe for visitors, many fail.

Almost anything could cause someone to slip and fall and potentially suffer an injury. However, many situations could be avoided with proper care. To learn more about the common causes of slip and falls in Houston, call a dedicated attorney at Roberts Markland LLP today.

Slippery Floor Surfaces Cause Falls

Rain often makes surfaces slippery inside public areas. Therefore, store owners and others who open their doors to the public in Houston must take reasonable steps to mitigate the hazard. Laying absorbent mats at entrances and replacing them throughout the day helps prevent the water from spreading, but landowners often must take further steps to avoid incidents. For example, during this weather, it is important to assign staff to monitor the condition of the floors and mop as needed.

Spills also create slippery conditions, and liquids are not always the culprit. For instance, stepping on anything unexpected could cause a person to fall. As a result, property owners must monitor their premises for spills and clean them up as quickly as possible. If immediate cleanup is impossible, posting a warning sign or roping off the area could avoid liability.

Highly waxed or polished floors are notorious for causing falls. Similarly, pool decks are the site of many slip-and-fall accidents. If an owner knows or should have known of the slippery condition and did not take steps to prevent someone from falling, they could be liable to the injured person for their damages.

Injuries Resulting from Tripping Hazards

Tripping is a significant cause of falls that cause injuries. Uneven floors due to poorly laid tile or warped wood can cause someone to trip. Likewise, improperly installed carpet and area rugs also could be tripping hazards. Merchandise in store aisles, electric cords, and unexpected or uneven steps or ramps can cause someone to trip.

People often trip while getting on or off elevators and escalators or walking through revolving doors. Additionally, damaged sidewalks, poorly marked curbs and utility hole covers, and uneven surfaces in parking lots could lead to trips and falls. Regardless of the location, property owners in Houston must attempt to keep public areas free from hazards, posting clear warnings around steps, ramps, and other features that could cause someone to trip.

Your Rights if You Suffered Injuries in a Fall

People who suffer injuries when they slip, trip, and fall could have a case for damages against the property owner who may be liable for an injured person’s medical bills, lost wages, pain, emotional suffering, and other losses.

Determining whether a property owner was negligent depends on several factors. In general, if someone suffers an injury on premises open to the public, like an office building, store, theater, gym, apartment complex, parking lot, or other facilities, the property owner or business operator will likely be liable.

However, in some cases, injured parties are partially responsible for their injuries. For example, individuals distracted by their phones might slip and sustain injuries. If someone is somewhat responsible for an accident that caused an injury, Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 33.001 allows them to seek reduced damages from other negligent parties.

Learn More About Common Causes Slip and Falls by Calling an Experienced Attorney Today

If you were hurt on another person’s property, you could claim compensation against the responsible party. However, acting quickly to seek compensation for your injuries is essential.

Call and schedule an appointment with a seasoned attorney today to learn more about common causes of slip and falls in Houston.