One of the most common accidents leading to personal injury claims are slips, trips, and falls on stairs. Sometimes, people trip on the stairs and catch themselves before they tumble. Unfortunately, if a person cannot prevent a fall in a stairwell, they risk severe injury.

If you sustained an injury in a stairwell accident in Houston, you might be able to file a claim for damages if a property owner’s negligence contributed to the fall. A skilled slip and fall accident attorney at Roberts Markland LLP could review the circumstances that led to the fall and advise you on whether you have a viable compensation claim.

How do Staircase Incidents Occur?

Anyone who owns a business or opens their premises to the public must keep the property reasonably safe for visitors. Therefore, when falls in public places cause injuries, the property owner is often liable for their negligence. That said, stairwell accidents often occur because an injured person is not paying attention. In most cases, however, accidents on steps happen due to the following:

  • Loose or poorly installed handrails
  • Slippery wood or marble steps
  • Protruding screws or nails
  • Loose carpet
  • Poor lighting
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Worn or defective treads
  • Dirt, water, or other debris on the stairs

Property owners and business operators in Houston must regularly inspect their stairs for such hazards and correct them as quickly as possible. If an owner cannot fix a risk immediately, they must take steps to prevent customers and patrons from using the stairs until it is fixed.

When a property owner’s negligence causes or contributes to someone’s injuries, the negligent party is liable for the victim’s damages. Compensation could include medical expenses, lost time at work, and property damage like ruined clothing. The negligent party may also be required to compensate an injured person for their pain, embarrassment, inconvenience, and other accident impacts.

Common Stairwell Accident Injuries

Regardless of how an incident occurred, most people who trip or fall on stairs require a medical examination to treat their injuries. Severe injuries resulting from a trip or fall on steps include:

Sadly, these falls are sometimes fatal, particularly for older individuals. A seasoned attorney in Houston could help staircase accident victims document their injuries and demand maximum compensation for their harm.

Acting Quickly After a Stairwell Accident

When an adult suffers an injury in an accident in this state, they usually have two years to bring a lawsuit seeking damages. However, if a child was hurt in a fall on stairs, they have two years from their 18th birthday to file a lawsuit. In addition, a parent can file a lawsuit on their child’s behalf, limiting them to two years from the accident date.

When the injury occurred on government property, Texas Civil Practice Law and Rules §101.101 requires a much quicker response. For example, an individual must file a Notice of Claim with the appropriate government office within six months of the accident. Failing to file the notice on time could defeat the claim regardless of its merit.

Contacting a seasoned lawyer in Houston after a stairwell accident lowers the risk of losing the right to sue. A local legal representative could review the circumstances surrounding a fall and explain the applicable legal timeframes.

Call an Experienced Attorney in Houston After a Stairwell Accident

If you suffered injuries in a stairwell accident in Houston, do not attempt to handle the matter alone. Working with a local injury attorney could ensure a more reasonable settlement while freeing you from negotiating with aggressive insurance companies.

Your time to act is limited, so do not delay. Reach out to a legal representative as soon as possible.