Unfortunately, disputes often arise in the business world. They may concern the receipt of fair payments, the delivery of promised goods, or apparent misrepresentation of the quality of one’s work.

Any of these situations may lead to business lawsuits. A Houston business litigation lawyer at Roberts Markland LLP could take the lead in demanding fair compensation for your losses that have resulted from conflicts in the business world. Our experienced attorneys could evaluate how the event has impacted your finances, gather evidence that proves liability on the part of others, and represent your interests during settlement talks or in court.

What Could Lead to Business Litigation?

Even if two parties agree to a written contract that outlines the specific duties of each, there may be a legitimate disagreement as to whether the parties have fulfilled their obligations. In addition, state law places a burden on merchants to deal fairly with customers and to provide services and products that are fit for their common purpose.

As a result, business litigation may result from a variety of behaviors. These may include:

Business litigation cases can be complicated, but our Houston lawyers could further explain the obligations of businesses to act appropriately under both state law and contractual duties

Benefit of Hiring an Attorney During Business Disputes

Every business litigation case requires a Houston attorney’s knowledge of the law and ability to gather evidence concerning the incident. Our team could explain the state’s rules concerning fair business dealings and the prohibition on fraud. In other cases, we could help evaluate the actions of businesses in relation to their contractual obligations.

We could also help catalogue a business’s losses. This may include actual damages that result from the breach of a contract, as well as attorney’s fees and liquidated damages due to egregious conduct.

Statute of Limitations in Houston

There is a time limit on all cases in Texas courts. This time limit exists to ensure that a case is not drawn out, evidence is fresh, and issues resolved in a timely manner.

Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 16.004 says that people claiming damages must bring a case to court no more than four years after instances of breaches of contract, fraud, or breach of fiduciary duty. A Houston lawyer could help to ensure that a business litigation case moves forward within this strict time limit.

Reach Out to a Houston Business Litigation Attorney Today

Every person or company that has dealings with a business has the right to be treated fairly and within the protections of the law. Unfortunately, people may breach contracts, commit fraud, or engage in deceptive business practices. If this occurs, you have the right to seek out fair compensation for your losses.

A Houston business litigation lawyer could help you collect those payments by investigating the actions of all parties, explaining the relevant laws, engaging in settlement negotiations, and even bringing cases to court if needed. Each step is designed to protect your legal rights while demanding fair compensation from all liable parties. Call Roberts Markland LLP today to learn more.