Millions of Texas residents and people across America take some form of over the counter or prescription medication every day to help manage everything from minor aches and pains to life-altering chronic illnesses. While most consumer drugs perform their intended purpose without causing excessive side effects, some do more to harm consumers than help them because of unlisted—and sometimes deliberately hidden—side effects and contraindications.

If an unreasonably dangerous or defective medication left you with serious physical, financial, and personal losses, seek help from a seasoned Houston dangerous drugs lawyer immediately. A skilled injury attorney with experience helping people in situations like yours pursue monetary damages could be vital to getting the recovery you deserve.

Possible Grounds for Defective Drug Litigation

A consumer medication not having its intended effect or even actively causing harmful effects is not enough by itself to justify a lawsuit against the company that manufactured and/or sold that drug. For a pharmaceutical company to bear civil liability in a case like this, several things must all be true:

  • The product must be defective in manufacturing, design, or in the specificity of warnings provided to doctors and consumers
  • The specific defect in question must have existed when the product left its maker’s direct control
  • The defect must have directly and primarily caused specific injuries or illnesses sustained by the plaintiff filing suit
  • The damages the plaintiff seeks compensation for must stem directly and primarily from their drug-related injuries or illnesses

Different types of defects can make for very different cases. For instance, a drug may be defective because:

  • A batch was contaminated prior to release
  • It was not tested thoroughly enough to identify possibly harmful effects
  • A manufacturer knowingly failed to disclose certain side effects or contraindications in an attempt to maximize profits

An experienced Houston dangerous drugs attorney could review the circumstances of your case and discuss your legal options during a confidential consultation.

How Valuable Are Drug Injury Claims?

Just like the basic elements of liability for a dangerous drug, the specific damages that may be recoverable for a specific plaintiff—and the total financial value of their claim—can vary substantially based on the circumstances. In less severe situations, compensable losses may not extend much beyond medical expenses, physical pain and suffering, and some missed work income. In other cases, defective medications can cause lifelong trauma and potentially lead to a consumer’s premature death, resulting in many long-term losses that can be exceptionally challenging to valuate and effectively recover for.

Fortunately, it is often possible to join forces with other individuals who were harmed in similar ways by the same dangerous substance or device and seek compensation collectively from the company responsible for their damages. A well-practiced defective drug lawyer in Houston could further explain this type of mass tort litigation and other recovery options as needed.

Get in Touch with a Committed Houston Dangerous Drugs Attorney

Defective and dangerous medicines cause immense harm to far too many Texas each year, many of whom were misled by massive pharmaceutical companies that devote millions of dollars to fighting litigation against them. Overcoming opposition this fierce can be next to impossible if you try to fight your case alone—though, fortunately, you do not have to.

A dedicated Houston dangerous drugs lawyer at Roberts Markland LLP could tenaciously defend your rights through every stage of your claim. Call today to get started.