Anyone who pulls a muscle in their back or neck knows how debilitating these injuries can be. Additionally, these injuries can impact your professional pursuits and overall quality of life. Unfortunately, this harm often results from a traumatic accident caused by a negligent party. In severe cases, accidents like this can lead to spinal cord damage with permanent repercussions.

If you have been hurt because of someone else’s misconduct, enlisting the help of a skilled catastrophic injury attorney could be vital to protecting your legal rights. Additionally, a capable Houston neck and back injury lawyer at Roberts Markland LLP could work diligently on your behalf to build a strong claim using evidence and demand fair restitution for all your past and future losses.

When Should a Lawsuit be Filed for a Neck and Back Injury?

In legal terms, filing a lawsuit and settling a claim after a back or neck injury works the same way as any other civil injury case. With few exceptions, “negligence” will be the basis of a claim of this nature, meaning recovery will only be possible for claimants who can prove all the following:

  • A named defendant(s) owed them a “duty” to act responsibly in a particular situation—for example, by following traffic laws and watching out for nearby vehicles while driving a car or truck
  • The defendant(s) “breached” their duty through a reckless, careless, or illegal act
  • That breach was the primary and direct cause of an accident which, in turn, was the cause of an injury requiring professional medical care
  • That injury led to compensable losses, meaning damages that can be addressed through money paid by the defendant(s) to the injured person

Anything from whiplash to spinal cord damage resulting in permanent paralysis could be the basis for a claim, so long as the prospective plaintiff’s circumstances meet the criteria listed above. A hardworking attorney in Houston could provide vital assistance with identifying potentially liable parties and taking effective action against them after a neck or back injury.

Seeking Compensation for a Neck or Back Injury

The value of a Houston civil claim depends entirely on the severity of the underlying injury and the losses it will cause the injured person to suffer. Courts must account for past and future medical expenses relative to when the case begins, including past and future loss of work income and working capacity, personal property damage stemming from the underlying accident, and additional expenses like home modification costs after a debilitating injury.

In addition, a comprehensive claim can include non-economic damages like physical pain, mental anguish, psychological trauma, lost consortium, and lost enjoyment of life. Fortunately, a seasoned lawyer could go into more detail during a private meeting about what forms of harm could be factored into a neck and back injury claim.

Contact a Neck and Back Injury Attorney in Houston Today

While any injury caused by a traumatic accident can interfere with your daily life and your future, injuries to the back and neck tend to be especially disruptive, causing permanent and life-altering damage. Fortunately, you may have grounds to hold the responsible party accountable for causing your injuries.

Representation from a Houston neck and back injury lawyer could be key to achieving a positive result from this kind of case. Learn more by calling today.