Every collision that occurs on Houston’s roads is a serious matter. However, few accidents are as severe as those that involve a rollover. Whether the vehicle rolling is your own or belongs to another traveler, the consequences can be catastrophic.

It is common for these incidents to require swift medical intervention. In addition, the injuries may impact your ability to earn a living or enjoy life. If another party was responsible for your accident, you may be able to pursue substantial compensation. Still, it is only possible to collect these payments if you demonstrate that another driver was responsible for a crash. Failing to do so could mean you receive only a fraction of the money you need to move forward. A dedicated car accident attorney is ready to represent you in seeking fair compensation following rollover car accidents in Houston.

The Common Causes of Rollovers

Rollovers are debilitating events that can happen at almost any time. Many vehicles are top-heavy and can flip simply by turning too quickly. SUVs and large trucks are particularly vulnerable. A person making a sudden move to avoid debris or another vehicle may lose control and flip.

As a result, many rollovers are the product of the poor driving of others. Speeding, making an unsafe lane change, and even failing to check blind spots before merging could all force another driver to make a sudden move that results in a rollover.

Over the years, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has promulgated a number of important safety regulations to aid safety measures during production. This is primarily enforced through its authority to require automakers to recall vehicles that NHTSA finds do not meet established safety standards. Unfortunately, automobile manufactures may sometimes neglect a safety measure during the production of a vehicle. This is why you may receive a recall notification in the mail.

Talking with a knowledgeable attorney in Houston today could help you better understand why a rollover occurred and how another driver’s negligence resulted in this severe outcome.

Proving Fault for a Rollover Accident

An essential part of any compensation demand is showing that another driver was to blame for an incident. Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 33.001 says that courts must examine and assign blame based on the actions of all parties involved in an accident.

Several facts may indicate fault for a rollover accident. An attorney in Houston is prepared to perform a full investigation into the incident. One powerful piece of evidence is a police report concerning the crash. This independent, third-party opinion indicates which driver was to blame for a collision. In addition, it is worth evaluating whether a defendant driver received a ticket related to a crash. If this ticket results in a conviction in traffic court, this is powerful evidence of fault for a wreck.

Other cases cannot rely on a police officer’s opinion. It may be necessary to obtain other forms of evidence, such as:

  • Witness statements
  • Video footage from dashcams or traffic cameras
  • Accident reconstruction reports

Injured people always bear the responsibility of proving fault for a crash. Let a local legal representative help prove your case after a rollover car crash.

Contact an Attorney Now to Pursue Your Case after a Rollover Car Accident in Houston

Rollover crashes are among the most serious examples of traffic incidents. These events could inflict life-altering injuries that require extensive medical care. They could also devastate your overall quality of life and make it challenging to support your family.

A lawyer may be able to help prove liability for a rollover car accident in Houston and demand payments to cover the full extent of your losses. Roberts Markland LLP is ready to protect your legal rights while allowing you to concentrate on making your best recovery. Speak with our firm now to get started.