Automobiles are the most mechanically-complex items that most Americans own. Unfortunately, given how many moving parts a modern automobile has, things frequently go wrong with them. To make matters worse, auto manufacturers worldwide often build machines with serious design, manufacturing, and marketing flaws, increasing the risk that consumers will suffer life-altering injuries in accidents.

If a problem with your car led to a traffic collision or caused you physical harm, consider contacting a Houston car defect injury lawyer at Roberts Markland LLP to discuss a possible civil claim. Lawsuits against product manufacturers in Texas follow different rules and can be more challenging to pursue than typical civil cases. Therefore, working with a capable car accident attorney throughout your legal proceedings is vital to protecting your rights.

What Auto Defects Could Justify a Lawsuit?

Product manufacturers can be held strictly liable—as opposed to accountable based on negligence—for harm that product users experience. However, plaintiffs must prove that the defect existed when the product left its manufacturer’s control, provided the product’s condition was not altered after it left the producer’s possession. Likewise, a claimant can only file suit if the defect caused them to suffer from an injury requiring professional medical care. Therefore, it is impossible to sue over a product flaw discovered before it causes any physical harm.

Various components of a motor vehicle can be defective in ways that cause otherwise avoidable injury to operators and occupants, including:

  • Airbags that do not deploy during a collision or that release unexpectedly without a crash having occurred
  • Seatbelts locking or becoming unclipped during a crash
  • Tires blowing out or wearing down too quickly
  • Seatback hinges breaking while driving or during an accident
  • Brake or steering mechanism failure
  • Electrical hardware or software failures
  • Fires and explosions

A skilled attorney in Houston could help build a comprehensive lawsuit to demand fair compensation for all a plaintiff’s losses after a car malfunction.

How Do Recall Notices Affect Litigation Options?

Like other product manufacturers, automakers in Houston issue recall notices if they discover a potentially serious flaw or defect in one of their vehicles. In fact, the automobile industry sees more recalls per year than any other. While a recall notice does not immediately protect a manufacturer from liability for injuries caused by the defect that prompted that action, it can complicate ensuing litigation.

Guidance from a hardworking lawyer can be especially important in situations like this, especially for people unaware that their vehicle was under recall for the issue that ultimately caused them harm. In addition, individuals whose vehicles have consistent problems despite multiple attempts to repair relevant issues may alternatively have legal options under the Texas Lemon Law.

Speak with a Houston Car Defect Injury Attorney Today

Defective motor vehicles can be dangerous to drivers behind the wheel, as well as other people on the road. Unfortunately, that danger is not always reflected in Texas consumers’ rights to file suit concerning injuries they suffer due to vehicle problems that the manufacturers should have addressed.

In this scenario, a Houston car defect injury lawyer’s support will make a world of difference in your odds of obtaining fair compensation for the harm you unfairly experienced. Schedule a private meeting by calling Roberts Markland LLP today.