Rollover truck accidents are catastrophic events that carry devastating consequences. Due to their size, trucks can trap SUVs or cars underneath them, crushing vehicles and causing permanent or even fatal injuries to their passengers. Trucking companies are often liable to those who suffer injuries in truck crashes if the injured party or their surviving family members can prove negligence.

Sadly, a trucking company’s insurers will often try to convince a crash victim to accept less than your claim is worth. However, working with a seasoned lawyer could mean a more reasonable settlement that reflects the severity of an injured individual’s losses.

If you suffered losses in a rollover truck accident in Houston, contact a legal professional at Roberts Markland LLP as quickly as possible. Our skilled truck crash attorneys could help an injured person or their loved ones collect evidence of negligence to establish liability.

How do Rollover Tractor-Trailer Collisions Occur?

Even though truckers receive extensive training before being allowed to operate their semis under the law, semi drivers are not always careful. Additionally, trucks are top-heavy and unstable, meaning truckers can easily lose control of these large vehicles. Finally, trucking companies do not always maintain their vehicles properly, and mechanical failure could lead to rollovers.

When negligence causes a truck to flip, an injured person could hold the responsible parties liable for their injuries. Examples of negligence causing truck rollovers include the following:

  • Load shift
  • Partial liquid loads moving forcefully
  • Speeding
  • Poor braking or brake failure
  • Tire blowouts
  • Skids on wet or icy roads
  • Poorly trained driver
  • Driver distraction or impairment

In most cases, the trucking company is responsible for the negligent acts of its drivers. A knowledgeable attorney in Houston could investigate the tractor-trailer crash and collect evidence of negligence. In many cases, a failure to protect others on the road could be proof of negligence in a collision of this nature.

Act Quickly to Maintain a Strong Bargaining Position

Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §16.003 allows someone injured in a car or truck crash two years from the date of injury to file a lawsuit seeking damages. However, because the trucking industry has professionals who investigate truck collisions and assess responsibility, it is wise to enlist the help of an attorney in Houston immediately after a wreck.

An insurance company’s job is to limit the trucking company’s liability for an accident. When someone suffers significant injuries in a wreck, insurance company representatives might approach a victim with a settlement offer within days.

Although it may appear to be a generous sum, these offers are usually far below what a claim could be worth. Unfortunately, too many injured people accept these offers and sign away their rights to pursue compensation in court before speaking with a lawyer. An injured person with legal representation has protection against that form of manipulation.

Seeking Damages After a Truck Rollover

The negligent parties who caused a person’s injuries are liable to pay the injured person’s damages. Damages include all the injured person’s expenses and losses related to the injury, including any future bills. For example, a person who cannot return to their job due to their injury could claim damages for their reduced ability to earn a living in the future.

The responsible parties must also compensate truck accident victims for their diminished quality of life. Additionally, an injured person could seek money to pay for their physical pain, disability, lost opportunities to participate in enjoyable activities, scarring, and emotional trauma.

People hurt in rollover truck crashes must prove their damages through documentary evidence, expert reports, and testimony. An attorney in Houston could advise an injured person and their family about how to document their injury and accident-related losses.

Contact an Attorney in Houston to Pursue a Truck Rollover Accident Claim

You deserve compensation if you suffered injuries or lost a loved one in a rollover truck accident in Houston. However, trucking companies and their insurers might take advantage if you try to handle a claim without legal representation

Thankfully, a local attorney could help you build your case and hold the negligent parties accountable for your harm. Contact a legal team member today.