Every motor vehicle has “blind spots” that prevent drivers from clearly seeing other cars, people, and obstacles around them. However, those blind spots are even more significant on tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks, making them incredibly dangerous. Therefore, truck drivers have a vital responsibility to check their blind spots before switching lanes or turning, and failing to do so can lead to horrific collisions that cause severe damage to everyone involved.

Blind spot truck accidents in Houston can be challenging to fight in civil court, especially if you try to file a lawsuit alone. However, with guidance from an experienced truck accident lawyer, you could achieve a positive resolution to your case while avoiding any legal obstacles.

How Do Blind Spot Truck Wrecks Occur in Houston?

Depending on a tractor-trailer’s length, commercial truck drivers may have blind spots that stretch dozens of feet in front of and behind their vehicle and across one or more entire lanes of traffic on either side. Fortunately, every commercial semi has extra-large side mirrors to help truckers see cars around them. Additionally, most modern rigs have advanced collision detection systems that can further decrease the risk of an accident.

Despite these features, truckers who do not use safety mechanisms appropriately and instead drive recklessly could collide with a car in their blind spot. These incidents can be especially likely to occur in inclement weather like rain or fog. Aggressive driving can also easily lead to blind spot truck wrecks in Houston, as can truckers driving without adequate rest—potentially because of unlawful mandates from their employers to violate driving time regulations to save time and money. A local attorney could determine the cause of a blind spot truck crash and fight to get a plaintiff the compensation they deserve.

Holding a Truck Company Liable for Damages

Regardless of how a blind spot wreck occurs, companies that employ negligent truckers who cause crashes can be held vicariously liable for the effects of their workers’ misconduct. Specific damages that might be compensable through a lawsuit or settlement demand of this nature include:

  • Vehicle repair or replacement costs
  • Lost income and diminished earning ability
  • All necessary medical expenses, including future rehabilitative care costs
  • Physical pain from injuries
  • Psychological trauma and emotional distress
  • Lost enjoyment of life and reduced quality of life

While truckers are often at fault for these devastating collisions, drivers of passenger vehicles have a responsibility to avoid traveling trucks’ blind spots. If an injured person is partially or primarily responsible for a crash, a court may bar them from recovering the total value of their ensuing damages. In some cases, individuals responsible for their injuries may be barred from recovering any compensation. A knowledgeable lawyer in Houston could gather relevant evidence that helps prove a plaintiff was not at fault for a crash.

Speak with a Houston Attorney About Blind Spot Truck Accident Litigation

Knowing where a truck’s blind spots are is crucial for anyone driving on major highways and interstates around Houston. Knowing this information is also vital for anyone whose job includes driving one of these massive vehicles. If you were injured because a trucker failed to exercise caution on the road, you might have legal options available to you.

After a blind spot truck accident in Houston, contacting a seasoned truck accident lawyer should be a top priority. Call today for a consultation.