Unfortunately, railroad accidents are often devastating tragedies. Often, these collisions often grievous injuries that require extensive medical care. However, in some cases, these crashes are fatal.

Fortunately, anyone who suffers injuries, including surviving family members, may be able to file a lawsuit against the railroad and other negligent parties. A dedicated attorney at Roberts Markland LLP could investigate the cause of a Houston railroad accident and help victims collect the compensation they deserve.

Types of Train Accidents in Houston

Cargo offloaded in Houston travels by train all over the country. Therefore, train traffic is abundant, increasing the chances of collisions.

Train derailments occur when one or more train cars slip off the tracks. Derailments often cause cargo spillage, exposing bystanders to fire, toxins, and other hazards. Sometimes trains collide with vehicles stopped at crossings or people walking or sleeping on the tracks. In rare cases, two trains collide.

Regardless of the type of accident, trains are massive and can cause significant injuries even at low speeds. A local attorney could advise a person injured in a train accident about their legal options.

What Causes Train Collisions?

Most railway incidents are the result of another party’s negligence. That said, trains are common carriers, and the companies that run them and the employees that operate them must work to protect others from harm. In most railroad crashes, one or more parties did not exercise the appropriate degree of care to prevent injuries to others.

Human error frequently causes train accidents. For example, conductors and engineers often speed, operate trains while intoxicated or high, fall asleep while in charge of the locomotive. In some cases, switching mistakes put trains on the wrong track and could cause collisions.

Poor track maintenance is another frequent cause of train collisions in Houston. Damaged tracks could cause a train to derail. Additionally, bridge or tunnel collapses could cause a serious accident with fatal injuries. Mechanical failures due to poor maintenance or a defective component also could lead to a train accident. Sometimes, crossing lights and warning signals malfunction, leading to a train hitting a car at a highway crossing.

Identifying Negligent Parties in Train Accident Cases

A legal representative could investigate a railroad accident to determine who might be responsible. In most cases, the company that operates the train will be liable. Depending on the reason for the accident, others also might bear responsibility.

For example, if an independent contractor has responsibility for some aspect of track maintenance, the contractor could be liable if they failed to check a part that contributed to a crash. Likewise, an injured person could hold the manufacturers of defective products that contributed to the accident liable.

A hardworking attorney in Houston could make a claim against all the parties that potentially had some responsibility for the accident. Filing a suit against multiple parties helps ensure that there will be sufficient insurance coverage to compensate the victims for their losses. If one of the parties is more than 50% responsible for the accident, Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §33.013 says an injured person could hold them 100% liable for their damages.

Consult a Houston Attorney About the Causes of Railroad Accidents

Regardless of the cause of Houston railroad accidents, they often have life-altering consequences for anyone involved. If your loved one died in a train accident or if you sustained injuries in a railway collision, you deserve compensation for your losses.

A local accident lawyer could explain your legal options and advise you about the best way to proceed. Call now to get a fierce advocate fighting for you.