Any accident that leaves you disabled in part or area of your body is invariably a life-altering experience, especially if it causes paralysis below your waist. Even worse, recovering financially for the adverse effects of “paraplegia”—the medical term for this paralysis—can be uniquely complicated even compared to other injury cases. Likewise, the specific losses associated with this sort of injury can vary.

Fortunately, a seasoned Houston paraplegia injury lawyer at Roberts Markland LLP has faced cases similar to yours and could fight to get you the restitution you deserve. No matter how your injury occurred or who caused it, a tenacious paralysis injury attorney could tirelessly pursue a positive case result on your behalf that accounts for every loss you sustained because of your injury.

How Negligence Can Cause Paraplegia

Paraplegia is an unfortunately common effect of traumatic accidents like motor vehicle crashes, slips or trips and falls, and or sports injuries in your thoracic or lumbar sections of the spinal cord—in other words, the middle or lower parts of your spine. Sometimes, this form of paralysis can stem from medical conditions like strokes, spine tumors, nerve damage caused by diabetes, and birth injuries like cerebral palsy, which could be caused by a medical professional whose substandard care worsened your condition.

However, what matters most when filing a lawsuit or demanding a settlement over a paraplegia injury is not exactly how it happened, but instead that it happened as a direct consequence of someone else’s negligence—for instance, a traffic violation that led to a car wreck, or a landowner’s failure to address a hazard on their property. Guidance from a skilled attorney in Houston can be vital in establishing exactly how your paraplegia injury occurred, collecting evidence that proves liability, and building a comprehensive and successful civil claim.

Recovering for the Long-Term Effects of Paraplegia

Permanent paralysis is often expensive to treat and can be immensely disruptive to your personal and professional life, affecting every aspect of your everyday routine. However, the specific scope of losses stemming from your injury can change depending on what kind of life you lived before getting hurt.

For example, someone who worked in manual labor their whole career would likely be unable to ever return to their old line of work after suffering a paraplegia injury; therefore, a hardworking lawyer in Houston could help them seek recovery for short-term lost income and lost future earning capacity. Conversely, someone who worked behind a desk may still be able to continue working in their old field after they reach maximum medical improvement. That said, your loss of future earning capacity might not be compensable in your lawsuit or settlement.

A Paraplegia Injury Attorney in Houston Could Help After a Serious Injury

Paralysis is arguably the most devastating non-fatal effect a traumatic accident can have: these injuries can prevent you from working or doing the things you enjoy most in life. If you suffer from paraplegia because someone else failed to act responsibly around you, the negligent party should be the one who pays financially for your ensuing losses—not you.

Working closely with a Houston paraplegia injury lawyer could make a massive difference in the outcome of your case and whether you get the compensation you need. Call our legal representatives today to discuss your options.