Most commercial property owners rely on a high volume of customers coming through their establishment to sell products. Business owners are also obligated under the law to protect consumers from harm while on their property. When business owners fail to mitigate risks on their property, you can suffer severe physical injuries affecting their health, emotional well-being, and finances.

Fortunately, a Houston commercial property premises liability lawyer may be able to help you if you have suffered an injury while visiting a commercial property such as a shop, a movie theater, an apartment building, or even a church. When you are hurt because of a property owner’s negligence, they must provide compensation for your losses. A skilled premises liability attorney at Roberts Markland LLP is ready to help prove a property owner’s liability and seek the fair compensation you deserve.

Premises Liability Laws and Commercial Property

Injuries occurring on premises belonging to someone else are common; when they occur, the court considers a person’s reason for visiting the location when determining if a property owner is legally liable for someone’s injuries.

When a location is open for a commercial purpose, the court assumes a guest visits the premises for the benefit of the owner. This standard applies to businesses, movie theaters, and commercial residences such as apartment buildings. Because guests visit the property for the owner’s benefit, the law considers them invitees.

Property owners must keep the premises safe for invitees by performing regular safety inspections, clearing all temporary hazards, and using warning signs and staff to keep you out of unsafe areas. A knowledgeable attorney in Houston can further explain the obligations of commercial property owners to keep you safe from harm.

Pursuing Compensation After an Injury on Commercial Property

Commercial property owners who allow you to be injured on their premises must compensate you fully. Common causes of property accident injuries include:

  • Slips and falls
  • Structural defects
  • Failure to clear hazards
  • Criminal actions of third parties

A dedicated lawyer can show a commercial property owner is liable for your damages due to negligence. Proving responsibility could include taking statements from witnesses, obtaining security camera footage, or evaluating incident reports from the business itself. Using this information, an attorney could build a powerful case against an at-fault commercial property owner in Houston.

Legal representatives must also demonstrate how an accident affected your life, such as you requiring extensive medical attention, having a poorer quality of life, or no longer being able to support  yourself or your family. A legal team member could accurately gauge the costs involved and seek a fair settlement on your behalf.

Statute of Limitations

Filing a property liability claim quickly is essential to its success. According to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003, most injured people have only two years from the date of an incident to demand compensation. Reach out to an attorney today to get started on a claim.

Reach Out to a Commercial Property Premises Liability Attorney in Houston Today

You should expect a certain level of protection when you visit a commercial property. Under the law, property owners have a duty to take reasonable steps to protect guests from foreseeable harm by maintaining their premises and clearing all the hazards that could lead to injuries. Unfortunately, property owners often fail to do so; in these situations, they are liable for any injuries or damage that ensues.

A Houston commercial property premises liability lawyer can help you pursue your case after an injury. For example, a lawyer could show how a property owner allowed your accident to occur and demonstrate how the event has changed your life. Contact a legal team member today for help.