Pedestrian accidents cause severe, often fatal, injuries in Houston every year. However, if you travel on foot around Houston’s roads and streets, taking reasonable steps to stay safe could help you avoid becoming an accident victim.

If you sustain injuries in a pedestrian collision, a seasoned attorney could help you get compensation for your injuries. Additionally, a knowledgeable lawyer could offer vital information about precautions for Houston pedestrians during a consultation.

Get a Ride if You Are Impaired

People know they should not drink and drive but walking on the roads while intoxicated can be extremely perilous. Information from the Centers for Disease Control indicates that almost one-third of pedestrians killed in road accidents are drunk.

Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs can significantly impact a person’s motor skills. For example, they might weave when they walk and could fall. Substance impairment also slows reaction times. Alcohol and drugs can affect a person’s judgment, and they might take risks they would not take if they were sober.

Additionally, motorists often fail to notice their surroundings when driving. Safe pedestrians in Houston only use the roads when they are mentally sharp and can stay out of a distracted driver’s path.

Be as Visible as Possible

Because motorists often do not notice pedestrians, it is the pedestrian’s responsibility to ensure they are visible. One way to do this is by wearing bright colors, a safety vest, or other reflective clothing or carrying a flashlight. This type of safety gear is crucial for pedestrians walking at dawn, dusk, or nighttime.

Texas Transportation Code §552.006(b) requires pedestrians to walk on the left side of the road facing traffic. Making eye contact with drivers as they approach can help pedestrians remain alert and cautious.

Being visible also means being aware of vehicles’ blind spots. For instance, the driver of a large truck cresting a hill might not be able to see a pedestrian close in front of them. Even smaller vehicles have blind spots that might disguise a nearby pedestrian. Therefore, cautious pedestrians in Houston should ensure they are not in the path of a driver who cannot see them.

Cross Only at Corners and Intersections

The law requires pedestrians to use crosswalks whenever possible. Walkers and joggers have the right of way when they cross at these intersections. If there is no light, pedestrians must not enter the road when traffic is coming. However, vehicles must yield to a pedestrian if they enter the road.

Pedestrian accidents are likely to occur when vehicles move at higher speeds, usually between intersections and stop lights. Anyone traveling on foot should avoid crossing in the middle of a block, where cars travel fast.

Pedestrians should choose their crossing point carefully on roads in less densely populated areas where intersections are further apart. Select a long, straight, flat section of the road to ensure maximum visibility and allow any approaching vehicles enough space to stop. An experienced Houston attorney could explain more about safety tips for pedestrians during a private consultation.

Work With a Houston Attorney to Learn More About Safety Precautions for Pedestrians

Many people run, walk their dogs, or go for a stroll on Houston’s streets. While these people have every right to use the roads, they should always obey the law and take appropriate steps to stay safe.

Even if you follow all the safety precautions for Houston pedestrians, a negligent driver might still cause you harm. Contact a legal team member at Roberts Markland LLP today to learn more about preventing these incidents.