Children are vulnerable to many of the same injuries that affect adults. These injuries often result from car accidents, incidents on another person’s property, and defective consumer products. However, many children are more likely to suffer injuries when riding on buses, at school, or playing on playgrounds.

The first step in filing a civil claim is identifying how an incident and injury occurred. Understanding the causes of child injuries in Houston allows parents to keep their kids safe while serving as the basis of a personal injury case. Speaking with a dedicated child injury lawyer at Roberts Markland LLP could also help parents understand the risk factors that affect children and the legal repercussions for liable defendants.

What Leads to a Child Injury?

Children participate in many of the same activities as adults. Perhaps the most common example of an activity that leads to an injury is a traffic accident. For example, even if children wear seatbelts or are secured in a car seat, collisions involving motor vehicles can result in life-altering injuries. The defendants in these cases are liable for all a victim’s injuries, regardless of age. Therefore, kids have the same right to pursue compensation as adults. Kids may endure injuries in a number of ways, including:

An attorney in Houston could investigate an incident that led to an adolescent’s injury and demand compensation for parents and children who endured losses due to an incident.

Specific Incidents that Lead to Child Injuries

Children often find themselves in dangerous situations while away from their parents. Unfortunately, parents cannot protect their children at all times, and the poor decisions of others often lead to a juvenile’s injury.

For example, children that ride on school buses are just as susceptible to collisions as other vehicles. Additionally, children may endure injuries from falls at school, clubs, bicycles, or faulty playground equipment.

Sadly, many injuries sustained by adolescents in Houston result from intentional abuse. For example, teachers, coaches, club organizers, and members of religious organizations frequently come into contact with children, sometimes leading to physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. The parents of children who endure this abuse can seek compensation on behalf of their kids.

According to Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 16.003, there is a time limit of two years to pursue most civil cases. However, if the injury resulted from intentional abuse, the time limit may be extended.

Talking with an Attorney in Houston Could Help Parents Better Understand the Causes of Child Injuries

Injured children and their parents have the same right to seek compensation for their injuries as adults, regardless of how an accident occurred. The fact is that negligent or abusive parties must provide payments to anyone who suffers harm because of their reckless actions. The causes of child injuries in Houston include, but are not limited to, traffic accidents, pedestrian collisions, defective consumer products, and intentional abuse.

If your child sustained injuries in an avoidable accident, speaking with a lawyer could help you measure the incident’s impact on your child’s life and demand appropriate compensation on their behalf. Contact a legal team member at Roberts Markland LLP now to learn more and get started on your claim for damages.