Getting involved in an accident while aboard a watercraft can lead to serious injuries. Often, these injuries are even more severe than those you might sustain from an auto accident that occurs at the same speed. Fortunately, you can take legal action against the person who caused the incident and demand financial compensation from them for your losses; however, you must prove fault for these losses.

With this in mind, it can be helpful to know in advance some of the common causes of boating accidents in Houston: a skilled watercraft collision attorney at Roberts Markland LLP could explain these causes during a consultation. With a seasoned boat accident attorney’s help, you could pursue a lawsuit or settlement demand and get the compensation you deserve.

Inexperienced and Inattentive Operators

Texas state law only requires operators born after September 1, 1993 operating either a personal watercraft, a wind-blown vessel 14 feet or more in length, or a powered vessel generating over 15 horsepower to complete a Boater Education course and obtain a license before getting on the water. Unfortunately, this means that lack of experience handling a vessel and failure to pay attention while operating one in Houston are two of the most common causes of watercraft collisions.

Recklessness by Operators

In addition to operating their vessel correctly and looking out for others around them, boaters in Houston also have a legal duty to obey all applicable boating laws and act reasonably while driving. A boater’s reckless behaviors, including speeding or taking turns too sharply, could qualify as legally actionable negligence if they directly lead to an otherwise avoidable boat crash.

Poor Boat Maintenance

Like automobiles, both powered and wind-blown watercrafts require consistent maintenance and upkeep—sometimes including in-depth repairs and part replacements—to remain in safe operating condition. A vessel owner in Houston who fails to keep their boat in safe condition may hold civil liability for any injuries that a passenger on board or anyone else on the water suffers due to a malfunction or breakdown while in motion.

Failure to Account for Conditions

Even skilled boaters operating brand-new vessels cannot and should not drive their boat the same way in every situation. Inclement weather in Houston can substantially decrease visibility on the water as well as increase the size of waves and wakes. Failing to account for potentially dangerous conditions like this dramatically increases the risk of a boating collision that results in severe injuries to passengers.

An Attorney in Houston Could Help File a Lawsuit Over Common Causes of Boating Accidents

Holding someone else legally liable for causing a boat accident in Houston can be far from a simple task, as experienced legal professionals know all too well. Even if it seems obvious that someone else’s irresponsible actions were the primary reason for your injuries, building a strong and evidence-based claim that proves their liability often requires substantial legal experience from a knowledgeable attorney.

A dedicated boat accident lawyer could provide the custom-tailored guidance you need to obtain the financial restitution you deserve for your crash-related injuries. Call today to schedule a consultation and let our seasoned legal representatives begin working on your case.