Even under the best circumstances, working around heavy machinery in an oil field can be dangerous. Even if one person acts recklessly or carelessly around you, or if the machinery you are working with has not been designed or assembled correctly, the potential for a severe crush injury is exponentially higher. Unfortunately, these injuries often cause significant life-altering harm.

If you sustained a crushing injury while working in an oil field, enforcing your right to financial recovery with a seasoned attorney’s help could be crucial to maximizing your quality of life. A knowledgeable Denver oil field crush injury lawyer could provide the legal guidance you might need to get the compensation you may be owed through workers’ compensation or personal injury litigation.

How do Crushing Accidents Happen in Oil Fields?

Crushing accidents rank just behind transportation accidents as the most common source of severe injuries and fatalities in the oil industry. These injuries are especially common due to the many situations they could ostensibly happen in. For example, negligent operation of heavy machinery can lead to someone’s fingers, arm, or torso getting caught between moving parts, as can machinery malfunctions or hazards that a machine’s manufacturer does not provide sufficient warning about.

Crane accidents are another common cause of crushing injuries in oil fields. For instance, if a crane drops an object on a work site, an employee may end up between the fallen object and the ground, causing immense damage to muscles and tendons and, in many cases, crushing bones to the extent that requires intensive medical treatment.

Even worse, crushing injuries can lead to compartment syndrome, which can be fatal unless the affected limb or body part is amputated. Support from a skilled attorney in Denver could be critical to recovering comprehensively from the effects of this sort of harm.

What Damages are Recoverable After an Oil Field Crush Injury?

The specific losses that an oil field worker who suffers a crushing injury could recover depend on how severe their harm is and on what method(s) of financial recovery they utilize. For example, every employer in Colorado is required by law to buy workers’ compensation insurance that should kick in for every work-related injury their employees suffer. However, this insurance generally only covers medical expenses, partial wage loss, and certain other benefits like the costs of job retraining.

If a third party is directly responsible for causing a crushing injury through negligence, it may be possible to hold them financially liable for the total value of all losses stemming from the incident, including non-economic forms of harm like physical pain and lost enjoyment of life. However, successfully establishing fault in this way for an oil field crush injury in Denver can be next to impossible without guidance from a seasoned lawyer.

Talk to an Oil Field Crush Injury Attorney in Denver About Your Legal Options

Crushing incidents cause the most painful and debilitating injuries an oil field worker can sustain. If you are dealing with the aftermath of an accident like this, a capable legal professional could help you effectively recover compensation for your losses.

A Denver oil field crush injury lawyer at Roberts Markland LLP could discuss your possible case in detail during a confidential consultation. Schedule yours by calling today.