No matter how or where it happens, getting hurt in a bus accident can be a traumatic and stressful experience. That said, it is important to stay as calm as possible afterward so you do not do something that could prevent you from recovering compensation from insurance providers or through third-party litigation.

Knowing mistakes to avoid after a Denver bus accident could be key to obtaining the restitution you deserve. A knowledgeable bus accident lawyer with Roberts Markland LLP could explain these potential errors in more detail during an initial consultation.

Failing to Seek Medical Assistance After a Bus Crash

Even if a bus accident does not seem to result in any serious injuries, it is crucial for anyone involved in one to seek professional medical care as quickly as possible afterward. Not every injury has immediately obvious symptoms, and waiting too long to seek treatment after a collision could have lasting repercussions, including permanent disability or disfigurement.

In addition to minimizing the long-term impact of injuries, seeking medical care after a bus wreck in Denver can also be vital to preserving an injured person’s right to file suit over the incident later. Additionally, documentation produced by treating physicians will be key to establishing the severity of crash-related injuries. Unfortunately, delaying treatment after a bus crash is a significant error that could be seen as comparative negligence, limiting an injured victim’s potential compensation.

Failing to Preserve Important Evidence

Another mistake to avoid after a public transportation collision is letting important evidence be lost or destroyed. If something like a ticket stub or receipt goes missing after a crash in Denver, a person injured in that incident might not be able to prove they were even on the bus to begin with, stopping their civil recovery process before it has a chance to start.

A hardworking attorney can help identify, preserve, and make effective use of important documents, testimonies, and other pieces of evidence.

Speaking with Insurance Providers

While it is not necessarily beneficial to be hostile to insurance adjusters and representatives following a bus accident, it can also be a mistake to assume they care about injured victims. After this type of incident, the main priority of insurance adjusters representing an at-fault party is to minimize their liability.

When speaking with insurance reps after a bus collision in Denver, avoid providing too much information beyond general objective facts like where the incident happened, what types of vehicles were involved, and the names of drivers or passengers. Speculation about fault for the incident or severity of ensuing injuries could be held against a claimant during future settlement negotiations or civil litigation.

An Experienced Attorney Can Further Explain Mistakes to Avoid After a Bus Accident in Denver

Perhaps the biggest mistake to avoid after a Denver bus accident is attempting to handle it without legal assistance. Insurance companies and defense attorneys know how to take advantage of accident victims without legal representation. These companies and their attorneys often have no qualms about putting those skills to use in a way prevents you from collecting the payments you need.

Guidance from a capable bus accident lawyer can help put the odds of a positive case result back in your favor. Call today to learn more about how our attorney could help you.