What Can a Maritime Attorney Do For You?

When it comes to laws that pertain to situations near or on the waters, a maritime attorney comes into the picture. Their specialty with such laws helps in various matters. More so with situations that occur at sea aboard a vessel. It begs the question. When is it the right time to call for a maritime lawyer? Today, we will investigate these situations. We will look into understanding what they specialize in. As well as when to call upon the expertise of a maritime lawyer. Use this as a guide to find the best maritime lawyer for your needs.

Knowing the Maritime Law

Before we proceed with what a maritime attorney can do, let us look at the laws they operate in. It comes under another name, the admiralty law. This is a body of laws, treaties, and conventions. Each one has a hand at governing various private maritime businesses. With maritime law, it takes care of various maritime questions, as well as disputes and offenses. Nautical matters are within its purview. An interesting thing about maritime law is how it follows a separate code. It is also an independent jurisdiction from the national laws in developed countries. In this case, you have the International Maritime Organization that issues many conventions. These can get enforced by the numerous navies and coast guards. These contingents hail from countries that signed the treaty. As for what maritime law covers, it governs insurance claims related to ships and the cargo they carry. It also covers civil matters among shipowners, seamen, and passengers. A Houston Jones Act lawyer will help you understand what these entail.

The Principles of Maritime Law

Maritime Law is a notably complex area, and it may have a lot of complicated situations. Despite this, some principles can simplify our understanding of it. Here are some of these principles.

Settling Contracts, Agreements, and Disputes

When it comes to contractual agreements between companies that conduct their business on international waters, they need a forum to resolve disputes. In the US, contract disputes within the territory go to federal courts.

Duties to Passengers

With this principle, the ship must uphold its duty when carrying passengers. While aboard their vessel, shipowners must provide reasonable care to their passengers. They are also liable for negligence claims that would come up during the sea voyage.

Duties to Clients

This one pertains to how shipowners should care for their clients. This would also pertain to the various transactions with the clients. For instance, keeping the cargo while the ship transfers it for a client. It shows that shipowners should conduct themselves responsibly. Especially when fulfilling their duties.

Lifesaving at Sea

Seafarers have an obligation in saving a person’s life when on the high seas. While there is no right to reward for saving someone. It is the expectation when they find a person in danger during the voyage.

Maintenance and Cure

A seaman who is in service under an employer should have the right in gaining appropriate injury care. This comes to play when you have dangerous situations at sea.

Where the Maritime Attorney Comes In

A maritime lawyer can help you when placed in court settlements and negotiations. Especially due to how incidents occur at sea. What a maritime attorney can do for you is provide you the due representation. There are situations where a maritime lawyer would prove useful. Consider these details when you go and contract their assistance.

Incidents Involving Your Vessel

These incidents that may involve your boat include dock incidents. It could be collisions that damage the boat. It could also be situations where the boat causes pollution due to spills. In such cases, contracting a maritime accident attorney can help you. They can provide you the proper representation. All while ensuring that a workers compensation lawyer can stand to your case.


Injuries can be constant regardless of location, even at sea. When it comes to a situation where you or someone else got injured due to a boat crash, you would need assistance in such matters. This is where a maritime injury attorney helps you. Situations that involve injuries are within their grasp as long as it occurs on open water.

Maritime Claims

Part of the maritime lawyer’s tasks is maritime claims, which are within the grasp of the maritime law. More so with claims that involve death, injury, and negligence. One thing to remember is that compensation laws for workers do not apply for work done aboard a vessel or ship. Even so, maintenance and care rights come online regardless of who is at fault. Negligence on the part of the shipowner or employee falls under the jurisdiction of the Jones Act. Claims in this regard would include legal damages. For instance, damages involving the likes of disfigurement or medical expenses. It also includes mental anguish and lost earning capacity. For these situations, you need a Maritime Attorney to help. They can help you work on the ins and outs of the process.

What to Look for a Maritime Attorney

For this, you need someone who specializes in maritime law. While choosing, take note of the circumstances of your case. Note the source of the injury and the type of legal claim and legal work needed. While doing this, take note of the various details. This includes the source of the injury and the type of claim. When you are both on the same page, you should be able to get through the case.

Go for the Best Maritime Attorney Houston Has to Offer

In this case, you need a maritime attorney that knows the intricacies and dealings regarding maritime law. In the face of negligence, injury, or other forms of adversity while at sea on your ship, you need someone that can help you with the claims and compensation. For that, you need a capable lawyer. You need ones with experience and skill in every aspect possible. We can assist you with this particular regard as we have capable lawyers to assist you with your case.

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