Employee of Family Dollar Convicted of Murder: Victim’s family seeks $122 Million dollars in damages from the retailer.


January 31, 2024
Houston, Texas


Employee of Family Dollar Stores Convicted of Murder

For Shooting a Houston Man in the Back 12 Times

Victims family seeks $122 Million dollars in damages from the retailer



Troy Odom was unarmed, outside, and walking away from a Family Dollar Store when store employee, Antonio Batres, followed him outside and fatally shot him 12 times in his back last Easter Sunday.

As was established during the criminal trial, Batres knew that Odom had no stolen merchandise when he exited the store.  Yet Batres pursued him from behind and killed him in front of the store for the community to witness.

Last week a jury rejected the shooter’s self-defense claim, convicted him of heinous murder and sentenced him to 35 years in prison.

“With this conviction, the jury sent a clear message; This type of vigilante justice has to stop,” a family representative said.

Now the Odom Family is seeking $122 million in damages against Family Dollar, a national retail chain, whose stores are primarily located in low-income areas.

The family representative noted that, although Mr. Odom’s family is glad to see justice served with the conviction of Batres, it won’t bring back their loved one.  They are committed to ensuring other families do not endure such a senseless loss.

“Family Dollar needs to immediately revise its practice of pursuing and shooting suspected shoplifters,” an Odom Family spokesperson said.  “Even after they knew Troy did not have any stolen merchandise on him, he was shot 12 times in the back after he left the store.  This is outrageous, and these violent practices targeting black and brown communities must end.  We are committed to holding Family Dollar accountable for encouraging these deadly practices.

Clive Markland, a lawyer representing the family in their suit against the retail giant, said, “Mr. Batres has been tried, convicted and sentenced by a jury of his peers for this murder.  This lawsuit seeks to hold Family Dollar responsible for deputizing Mr. Batres as its enforcer and encouraging him to use deadly force in order to protect its merchandise.”

The event occurred in a Family Dollar location on Martin Luther King Blvd. in Houston.  Local residents say that it has become common practice for this retailer to use overly-aggressive and violent measure to deter shoplifting.

Mr. Markland said Family Dollar is the enabler of Mr. Batres’ deadly acts and called for the retailer to discontinue policies that terrorize communities that support their stores.  “Family Dollar has encouraged this public execution in plain sunlight, for suspicion of petty shoplifting, even though Mr. Batres and the store manager knew he had stolen nothing.”


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